Heroes I want to play as in Marvel's Avengers

Adding to an already possibly stacked roster for Earth's mightiest video game

Heroes I want to play as in Marvel's Avengers

As I stated with my Suicide Squad article, I love superhero games and with Marvel's Avengers coming out this week, I figured why not do an article about the game. This is one of the more hyped up games of the year and after a few push backs, it still has a lot of expectations to live up to. Ever since 2008, Marvel has taken the pop culture scene by storm with movies, Netflix Series, Disney+ Series coming soon, animated specials and everything in between. Marvel Studios currently has three of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time. That influence has helped their be a ton of excitement for this game, and their is already a stacked roster for this game. With Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel in the game at launch, and Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Spider-Man (as a Playstation exclusive) coming to the game as post launch DLC, people wonder what other heroes will be coming to the game after it launches and with the arsenal of heroes that Marvel has at their disposal, who else will be added to the game?

Now data miners have found a total of fourteen different characters in the games files. Currently their are apparently files of Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Falcon, Mar-Vel, Mockingbird, Quake, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Vision, War Machine, Wasp and Winter Soldier. That is a whopping 22 characters overall (23 if you have a Playstation for Spider-Man). But if Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix and Marvel want fans to continue to play their game, then adding these heroes are a major factor. But why stop? Why not add even more. This list is the heroes that aren't already announced or found in the data mine. And while some entries have a lot of heroes listed, it's just characters that I would like to see in the game and be fun to play as.


Spider-Woman, Miles Morales and Black Cat

Art by Hatsurai Kun (Spider-Woman; Art Station), Alex Reid (Miles Morales; Student Show), and Unknown (Black Cat)

All three of these heroes, well two heroes and one on again off again hero, would be fun additions to the game. Spider-Woman has recently come into the news as actress and director Olivia Wilde has been tapped to direct a movie with a female lead in the Marvel Universe at Sony, and quote retweeted with an emoji of a spider. Many people think that it will be Spider-Woman and adding Jessica Drew to not just the MCU but also in the video game would be a great option. Another person from the Spider-man universe that would be a great addition for the game is Miles Morales. Morales has seen a huge spike in popularity for quite some time as Ultimate Spider-man. He was mentioned by Donald Glover in Spider-man Homecoming in an off hand line of dialog, he was in the 2018 video game Marvel’s Spider-man, and he has a launch title game for the Playstation 5. The third member of this group is Black Cat and many die hard comic book fans will remember her from the comics as an on again and off again love interest of Peter Parker's, but Felicity Hardy has struggled to get the publicity outside of the comics. She has found success in the realm of video games however, as she has been in 20 different video games. But the reason that all three of these characters are honorable mentions is because of who owns the rights to the characters from a media perspective, Sony. Marvel’s Avengers has said that Spider-man is going to be the only exclusive character in the game when he comes to the Playstation edition of the game. Maybe they could have a skin for the Spider-Man character in the game, but the chances of these characters coming to the game are slim to none.


Art by Taigo Zenobini (3D Total)

Now in the movie universe, the rights to this character are now the most complicated since both X-Men and Fantastic Four are now owned by Marvel. For a while, we didn’t know if Universal Studios had the rights or if it was at Marvel. Now it seems that Namor has returned to the Marvel stable, but there are a lot of complications with the rights. But that is in the movie universe, this is a video game. Adding Namor to the game adds a whole new playable element to the game. The mutant son of a normal man and an Atlantean princess (very similar to Aquaman, but Namor was created first), is one of the anti-heroes that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Adding Namor to the game would allow for them to add a new location to the game, the obvious Atlantis. Adding the underwater element would allow for some interesting combat with the underwater combat. Instead of the fast paced style, the player would have to time out their attacks to counteract how much the water slows you down. Plus, Namor is one of the three first heroes in Marvel’s history with Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Angel (Thomas Halloway). His history at Marvel is almost unmatched, and adding him to the game would be a fantastic addition.

X-Men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Gambit, Phoenix, Iceman, Cyclops, Deadpool)

Art by Yurtigo (DeviantArt)

When both the X-Men and Fantastic Four rights were acquired by Marvel Studios, I said out loud "They're finally home." Now that the MCU have both groups of heroes back in their midst, I think it's time for them to start being in Marvel's properties, and that starts with their inclusion in the Marvel's Avengers game. Deciding on the team that the X-Men would be comprised of. With so many legendary members on their roster like Beast, Angel and Quicksilver, just picking a team was hard, but I think that I did a pretty good job of it. We start with some classic members like Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm. These characters have been in the movies since the beginning and are some of the longest running members of the team. Two other ones are Cyclops and Phoenix. The last three are ones that have become a lot more popular recently in Iceman, Gambit and Deadpool. Iceman came out as one of the first major recurring character that is gay and fans have embraced it full force. Gambit is a bit of a newer character when he debuted in 1990 and there was a movie in development with Channing Tatum set to star in the role. Deadpool has always been a popular character with the diehard comic book fans but the casual audience came around to him when the character got two movies with Ryan Reynolds. Now the villain is rather obvious, but Magnito would be the perfect pick.

Fantastic Four

Art by unknown (found on cbr.com)

Properly dubbed Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four have had a long history that as a very interesting past. The movies have been hit or miss, the animated series was good, but the team hasn't seen that success translate over to the realm of video games. But that can change if they are added to this game here. All four characters are so unique and so different that they would play very differently. It would allow for players to find one that they like and play as that character, just like the base game with the five current Avengers. Seeing the Fantastic Four with the rest of the Marvel family for the first time ever. It would also open the door to one of two major villains being the enemy for them, and those are Doctor Doom and Galactus. I would be fine with either, but I think that it wold make more sense to have Doctor Doom and who knows, maybe the Fantastic Four could bring a certain metallic wave rider with them.

Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Elektra, Punisher, Darkhawk, Hellcat, Nighthawk)

Art by MrSteiners (DeviantArt)

Now this one would be a lot of fun because just like the X-Men entry, there would be a myriad of heroes added to the game. Now some of the obvious ones would be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist since due to the Netflix shows. I'm not sure if the Jessica Jones in the game should follow the Jessica Jones in the comics and have the white suit, or the one from the show. I do have a soft spot for Krysten Ritter, but that decision woulndn;t be up to me. This can also allow for both Elektra and Punisher to be added to the game as well since they were prominent characters in the Daredevil Netflix show and Punisher got his own series. But I do think that there will be more than just these six possible heroes.

Art by Art-By-Evan (Darkhawk;DeviantArt), kconrad21 (Hellcat;DeviantArt), and Nighthawk-Gallery (Nighthawk;DeviantArt)

Introducing Darkhawk, Hellcat and Nighthawk (no relation to Darkhawk). These three all have ties to the Defenders in the comics and would all bring interesting elements to the game. Darkhawk would play similarly to Falcon but would be different with his energy attacks and interesting abilities like teleportation. Hellcat would play very interestingly with her force field and claws for attacks. Nighthawk does have similar abilities as Darkhawk, so they would play similar to Darkhawk, but he does have a very interesting ability where his powers are only active during the night. It would be the best for him to be played during the nighttime portions of the night and allow for them to have an advantage. This would also allow for the team to be active in some capacity during the entire day. As far as a villain, the choice is very easy, The Hand. Many fans already know them and giving some more unknown heroes a pretty well known villain to go against could help fans find some new heroes.

Moon Knight

Art by djvoltz (DeviantArt)

Before some people complaining about me playing favorites for having Moon Knight (who is my favorite character) on this list, allow me to explain. One of, if not the best ever video game selling superhero video games of all time is the Batman Arkham series, and Moon Knight has been described before as Batman if he were to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder. While it might seem like a simple answer, if the system has worked for four successful games, why not include it in another game? This could also help garner people's interest in the upcoming Disney+ series. But it allows for a very interesting character as well, as you have Moon Knight’s multiple personality disorder. You could have all the voices in his head which can mess with his fighting style and the whole arc for Marc Spector, him finding his way to suppress those voices in his head. While trying to find a villain, I had to turn to my own collection of comics to try and find a good villain. Personally, I say Black Tarantula would be a fun one to try and take on with his martial arts and timing your dodges from his energy beams. Plus maybe to round out the story for Moon Knight, all the voices in his head can learn to work together and help him become a better hero.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Mantis, Nebula, Yondu, Nova)

Art from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (from Entertainment Magazine)

Now this group of heroes has become super popular in part from their successful pair of movies. Now in the comics, this group has had several different pairings, with the only original member from the first group from 1969 comics being Yondu. But with the popularity of the current group, you would have to think that including Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon and Groot would make a lot of sense. Yondu and Nebula were in the second movie in 2016(?) as was Yondu before he saved Star Lord by sacrificing himself. But I feel like this group would need one more person, and that person has been teased in both movies, and that is Nova.

Art by MarcBourcier (DeviantArt)

Adding Richard Rider would allow for them to have a new addition of a hero that can fly around and use their superhuman strength to attack their enemies with the brute force that only Drax can who is currently in the team. Who wouldn’t want to play as a team that is flying around the galaxy trying to find a way to beat a villain. Speaking of villains, I think that Ronin is the perfect one for the Guardians to try and take down in this game. Fans know him from the first movie, he is a very threatening enemy to the team as shown in said movie.

Ghost Rider

Art by Kamiyamark (DeviantArt)

Being completely honest, I am not a big fan of Ghost Rider as a whole. It has nothing to do with Nicholas Cage’s portrayal of the character, I just never saw the hype in him. Yeah he had a motorcycle and his skull was on fire and he had the Hellfire Chain as his weapon, but none of that clicked with me. But when thinking of it from a game perspective, Ghost Rider would be one of the most fun characters to play as. Imagine playing as Ghost Rider, riding his bike down the road, and just attacking people with the Hellfire Chain. It also would be an amazing thing to feel with the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers with the haptic feedback feature. You could be able to actually feel the bumps in the road as you drive over them. Now as far as villains, Ghost Rider has a lot of interesting ones to choose from. Personally I would like to see Zarathos or Blackheart, both of which would be towering foes over whatever version of Ghost Rider would be in the game.


Art by unknown

When you look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how far it has come, you can point back to the original trilogy of Blade movies. With the character coming into the MCU, why not bring the Vampire Hunter to this new game. Blade brings excellent marksmanship and swordsmanship to the table, but also his trademark stake for taking out vampires. Now the enemies that Blade would bring to the game are rather obvious, vampires. Now it might not be realistic for them to bring in Dracula, but someone like Varnae, Deacon Frost or Lillith would be a good addition. I would also like to see how this iteration of Blade could alter from both the established Wesley Snipes version and the soon to be established Mahershala Ali version in the upcoming MCU movie. With a character that is very type listed as Blade where he is just a blood thirsty vampire hunter. It would be a tough task if they add him to the game, but with the right voice actor, it could work wonders for the character and the game.


Art by BangJang96 (DeviantArt)

Continuing the trend of characters becoming more popular due to movies or TV shows, enter Shang-Chi. As a hero dubbed the “Master of Kung Fu” Shang-Chi brings not only his fists to the table, but a myriad of weapons as well. Equipped with nunchucks, jian (a double edged sword) and a gùn (not that kind of gun, it’s a long staff used in chinese martial arts), he would bring a lot of different playstyles for the players. Maybe the player could pick which of his four weapons with the D-Pad and can see which one they prefer the most. He would not only bring a new load of weapons, but also allow most likely bring with him a very popular and dangerous villain with him, the Mandarin. This also would be a good way for them to bring attention to the hero before his movie comes out in 2021.


Art by Melvin Quito (Art Station)

I’m gonna be completely honest here, I completely forgot that Valkyrie was a character in Marvel Comics until she was in Thor: Ragnarok. When I was younger, she was one of the obscure heroes that I liked, but as I got older she slipped further and further out of my mind. Her resurgence in popularity thanks to Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok has immensely helped this hero, and I would love to see her be in this game. Valkyrie does bring something to the table that no other character already in the game or on this list would bring and that is a sword fighter. As boring as they are in Super Smash Brothers, having one in this game would be a very fun change of pace. You have Iron Man using his energy blasts, Thor with his hammer and Hulk with his fists, Valkyrie flying around on her Pegasus and attacking her enemies with her sword would be a very fun change of pace and allow for players to have some fun. Who wouldn’t want to fly around on a Pegasus and just slicing and dicing enemies. Villain wise, I would say that Morgan Le Fay would be a good choice for a battle between a sword fighter and a sorceress which would make the player have to think a lot more. But also I wouldn’t mind a challenge from The Hood as well.

Devil Dinosaur

Art by bolt_swag_320 (Comicvine)

Now this one is just for the hell of it because why not. Who wouldn't want to play as a big red dinosaur ripping through enemies. When I first got into comic books Devil Dinosaur was one of my immediate favorites for the sole fact that he was a dinosaur and I was like seven. I've always been someone that has been drawn to cult classic things, and this is one of the cult classic comics that I've always loved. Team ups with Godzilla and other dinosaurs followed for him and he has teamed up with both Moon-Boy and Moon Girl (no relation), and he has become something like a staple in the Marvel extended universe of games and animated shows, even getting his own show at some point in 2020 (according to Wikipedia). I'm not really going to list a villain here simply because their aren't really any noteworthy ones. I honestly just put him on here because he is a favorite and I think that he deserves more love.

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