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GTA Facts and Glitches you don't know

''Beyond the streets;uncovering hidden GTA facts and glitches''

By evansPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

Hello and welcome to another episode of my facts and glitches series, where I continue to showcase more of what I've learned about GTA 5 and my more than 10,000 hours of game-speedrunning for my amazing audience.During the prologue's opening cutscene, Trevor can be heard randomly shouting phrases like "Oh my God" if you try to enter GT Online.

Given that they are on a mission where aliases are used, it is particularly odd that he seems to refer to Michael by name. In other words, he should be referring to Michael when he says "on the mission father son the so-called Jimmy launch can be achieved by causing an explosion while Jimmy is doing his thing." getting in the backseat animation .Hope she's still seaworthy, you better tiny [__] dad me You'd best hope she can still sail. you'd better pray that she is

Judah We actually need separate bedrooms because Michael continuously lives with other people and has the most infrequent contact with other characters that most people probably miss.

Some of these are frequently missed since they are available just during specific game moments Jimbo actually it's Jizzle hey Jimmy hey Dad you wouldn't want your film pals knowing you married a stripper yeah you kidding me they're all married to strippers go your psycho nerd game nympho losing loser

JC Jimmy, the person who pays the bills is here; you're really making my skin crawl, you loser.

all right Amanda I know I'm married to a sociopath, yet I never tell you how much I adore you. Pop never is enough.

What's the matter with you? Get away, you pervert, off sickle bastard. You're getting really scary as you age.

Even when their doors are locked, I love you son no matter what you say. Of course, with moles, you can see what they're actually doing, so no bro. I'm on a break, ladies, so I don't have time for a side piece or anything like centipedes. You're here one hound dog, Jay. If you don't know anyone who would join me for a drink, it won't be enough.

In this exchange, Tracy is seen practicing the dance that she would later perform on the renowned television program "Shame.My dealer is not responding to God; you got me blow, dad [__] Please assist me; she cannot be of my ancestry.Boys are like you; they make me want to throw up.excellent parentingI genuinely adore you, Dad; you're the best father in the entire world, and you make me so proud. I only had a glass of pinot noir and a downer, so I'm not sure what's wrong, but why are you here now? Everyone in this home despises you, and that makes us all even more grateful.

Nobody wants a fat daughter, so I'm going to have to ask for your assistance. Tracy, cut that out now that I've eaten something funny; it's nothing more than that. If I'm going to be a film producer's wife, I'll have to lick the park. I suppose you might say that we merit a drink.We must get along, Amanda, even though I am worn out. The only thing that is worn out is my credit card. I believe we will succeed. Michael Closet failed to land a role in a gangbang. [ __ ] [ __ ]I would, but you're in every disgusting porno. Hey kid, hey Pop, I love you no matter what you say, Dad. Are you a pervert or a would-be pedophile?

Oh, that's nice. [ __ ] Oh, my, what a [__] it was. Chamber Dog, don't you dare pass judgment on me, Dad; well, here comes the big guy. Hello, Papa! Oh, sure, the mission issues caused him to leave. It turns out that the game considers you to be inside if you are right behind the back door. This results in a confusing scene where Simeon rushes to Michael, eager to fight, only to run away again if Michael moves too far. Simeon refused to fight Michael if he went outside and instead taunted him, telling him to come back and run away from the fight, "Are you not man enough to finish this? Where are you going, coward?"

Where are you going, coward, as he moves away from the door and onto the showroom floor? Oh, do you recognize this car? Vehicles with lock-on targeting weapons do not typically lock onto the train given that it is invulnerable, and thus this would be disruptive. This makes it strange that the cassatsuka Periscope un-locks onto Simeon when Michael is not somewhere that the game considers to be inside.Uniquely, Periscope locks onto the train for its missiles.

If you carefully block the passenger side door of a police car, this will prevent the policeman on that side from getting out when you steal the vehicle. This by itself wouldn't be too interesting except that having Floyd in your car doesn't prevent you from losing your wanted level when you eventually lose it, you can stop and let him out where he will show complete indifference to the previous events.

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