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Gothic/Punk Maxis Match CC for your Sims 4

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By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

Sometimes finding Sims 4 maxis match cc for gothic styled clothes is even harder than looking for male clothing CC. Thing is, just like with male cc there are few CC creators that dedicate themselves to make gothic clothes or male clothing in general. Sometimes you'll always see some of your favorite CC creators churning forth gothic/male clothing cc out randomly though.

Around halloween time, there's this thing referred to as Simblreen, that's usually around the time you see every cc creator regardless of niche churn out a bunch of halloween custom content, I usually use scraps from those to make my gothic sims.

So if you're a gothic simmer new to maxis match CC and you don't already know, try googling Simblreen and you should be able to find something. Men... well, good luck. It's a woman's world~

1. Sandrini Feierabend Sims

I mentioned her before. A patreon creator that releases lolita style clothing.

Her dresses have a lot of colorful clothes but they also have dark color swatches, so if pastel goth isn't your thing you're still good.

2. Cloud Cat - No Halo choker and mesh top set

Are you tired of getting mesh accessory tops that cover EVERYthing?! Look no further! Cloud Cat's No Halo mesh top stops a little after the collarbone! Yay! Now you can pair this accessory with crop tops and finally get the look you desire! Then there's their simple basic choker. Sometimes it's hard to just find a basic simple good old fashioned choker, once again Cloud Cat coming through with the refreshing, realistic simplicity.

3. Kumikaya- Starlie Stompers from their 2021 Christmas releases

Who's ready to go to war? Getting Raven from Vampire Kiss vibes anyone?

4. aretha- girl girls girls

Arethabee is a sims 4 content creator whose content in general is very... versatile? I know I didn't show much, but I think almost all of her content can be used to make gothic sims, if they have dark color swatches. I personally haven't tested her latest collections

The two tops above are from her 2022 Valentine set for instance. As well as her Rebel Collection (below), I'm just using these as examples to show what I mean by versatile. Perfect for goths, punks or urban chics.

5. Trillyke - No Rules Pants (for males)

It was newly released in February. Plaid pants with a little chain! Classic!

Also did you love the top from number two? Look no further! That's another of Trillyke's releases this year from the Michiko Tokyo Street Fashion Collection! they have so much more goodies so feel free to check them out and become a patron! Similarly to arethabee, Trillyke's clothes are more on the urban punk side but I think it can also be used for some goth punk looks. Feel free to check out the rest of their content!

Now time to name drop because I'm lazy and don't want to keep editing photos (I can no longer just share what the creators have of their own photos so...)

Also check out their simblreen content on their personal tumblr!

6. Simancholy- their hair. Some of it can be used for punk sims. Find them on patreon.

7. Madlen- check out some of their clothes and shoes! You can find them on patreon!

8. Dogsill hair- Now these are real gems, not only are they protective styles for natural hair they'd make some interesting punk sims. Dogsil's maggie hair and bethany braids!

Are you in love yet? Yes, with Maggie's hair the sides of her head are shaved. You can find Dogsil on patreon! Go fish! I hope many of you fall in love and become patreons! Heaven knows these creators deserve the world for enriching the sims 4. Dogsil is a personal favorite of mine as well, even though her hairs are natural, it's just so neat, posh and elegant.

9. Bihilel- all their hair.

Check them out on patreon! Their hair is full of character that I think is just perfect for goths.

10. Nolansims and their simblreen content

11. Felixandre's Gothic Revival Set Interior

Their patreon:

Felixandre is a sims 4 cc creator that creates some of the best maxis match furniture CC alongside Harrie, another furniture cc creator of similar calibre together on their site the house of harlix they share their free content.

Harrie's patreon:

Become their patreons for more!

There's also Peacemaker_ic:

There are many other cc creators who make furniture like but these three are like the holy trinity. They always deliver, however I'm only mentioning Felixandre because he's the only one who went out of his way to make something "gothic."

I think that's a good place to end here for now. If I find anything interesting I'll share some more! :3 Thanks for reading!


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