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Goodgame Empire:

by Pacey 2 years ago in rpg
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The best browser game to date?

Goodgame empire is a free to play medieval, strategy browser game that has been around since 2012. If you love the idea of ruling your own castle, being part of an alliance with other players and fight in glorious battles then maybe this game is for you. But is the game worth playing despite the amount of time it requires? For those of you who have heard of the game...maybe even played the game casually, you might be aware of the hours and hours of work this game requires or even have experienced what it is like to lose sleep over this game. For anyone who does not know what this game is and how it works i will fill you in below:

Goodgame empire starts you off at level 1 and through constructing buildings, completing quests and attacking both NPC (Non Player Castle) targets and other real player's castles the game will reward you with XP that will level you up. With every new level you gain, you will unlock access to new buildings which give you access to tool production, stronger troops to recruit, the ability to capture more outposts and so on. In addition to this there are certain level milestones that once reached will grant you access to 3 new kingdoms including The Fire Peaks, The Burning Sands and The Everwinter Glacier. There is always more to look for as there are 70 levels and once completed there is whopping 800 more to get through.

There are also a wide range of events that rotate frequently for you to take part in which offer unique rewards to aid in your progression including powerful pieces of equipment, decorations for your castles as well as tools to help in attacks/defences. Some of these events last a day while others can last anywhere from 3-10 days.

Now of course Goodgame Empire is a game based around war, after all it is a war game. The game allows you to recruit offensive and defensive troops that can be used to attack and defend against other real players in order to steal resources, gain glory and honour and leave their castles on fire. However, where this game shines is through the brilliant mechanics that help make PvP battles so great. There is nothing more satisfying in this game than wiping out the enemy's troops in close battles or by slaughtering another players whole army due to their lack of defence.

Goodgame Empire allows you to join or create an alliance which can be upgraded to hold more members or increase the travel speed of other alliance member's troops on their way to support a comrade under attack. Within these alliances you will work together to achieve milestone rewards in alliance events, make allies with other strong alliances and declare war on others. You will find yourself developing great friendships within this game while you gain help from fellow alliance members to help in developing your castles further.

There is so much new content being rolled out in the game every month making the game play exciting and giving players a reason to log on everyday. No wonder why there are millions of players active everyday.

So going back to the question we began with. is the game worth playing despite the amount of time it requires? YES. Goodgame Empire is worth every minute you spend playing. There is always something to do whether it's attacking players or NPC targets for loot, chatting with your alliance or competing in the daily events. Goodgame empire is the perfect game for those who have spare time on their hands. It provides a challenge and competition while also committing to making the game free to play. Try it out and you wont be left disappointed.

I have played the game for over 6 years now and even 6 years later i still find myself logging on everyday with the same level of interest as i had 6 years ago. I would recommend anyone even slightly interested to give it a go and you never know where it might take you.


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