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'God Of War'

by Matthew Sullivan 4 years ago in action adventure

My Ranking of the Series

Okay I love 'God of War' games. I have beaten all the main games, but honestly I only own 1-3 at the moment. I consider the PSP games a firm step down, and God Of War: Ascension would be fourth on this list, so there you go. Let’s see which of these essential hack and slash games is the best. Also I cannot wait for the 'GOW' reboot coming this year in 2018.

3) 'God of War' (9.5)

The first game came out in 2005. It really is a great game. I remember standing up and playing this the first time, I played it….and consequently yelling at the TV with excitement. The game has amazing gameplay and it’s very cinematic in certain parts. The quick time events are well done and honestly, I had never played a game like it before. So why is it third? Well there’s only three boss fights…but each boss is very challenging. The difficulty on certain parts is almost unfair. An example would be some of the underwater sections and the dreaded tower of spikes in Hades. The enemy variety is good too. The final sequence to get to Aries is very, very hard. How about them boss fights? Well the first one is pretty easy. After that though, the bosses border on almost unbeatable lol. I found the magic in the game to be pretty good also. This is where it started folks.

2) 'God of War II' (9.85)

So how do you top a terrific game in less than two years? Well in 2007, they figured out how to do just that. This game is so much more epic. The gameplay remains intact, albeit, slightly refined. You now have the ability to trigger the special rage move unlike in the first game. You also get two additional weapons to use, but I found them utterly useless hahaha. The magic is cool, but maybe the first game had better magical selections. A lot of what makes this game better is the narrative. It seems more grand scale than the first game. A lot of enemies make their return here too like undead soldiers (classes 1, 2, the dreaded 3), harpies, cyclops, and gorgons. The game’s boss fights are really dope and there’s more of them than any other 'GOW' game to date. Thus the pacing is great. My favorite is the Sisters of Fate, it's an epic long fight that culminates into a two on one. The Zeus fight at the end is pretty hard, but so rewarding (although it doesn’t accomplish anything). There’s a Star Wars-esque revelation too that I won't spoil here. All in all, GOW2 was the standard for a while…

1) 'God of War III' (10)

Well we’ve already established that GOWII was a near perfect game but honestly three is better in almost every way. For starters, it looks a lot better due to the advanced hardware of the PS3. Then, there’s the fact they revamped the gameplay. You can now use items which can be repeatedly used as long as you let the bar regenerate. The magic is cool too, but it's now analogous to one of the game’s four weapons. This time the extra weapons are all useful and cool (except the last one really lol). There are new enemies too like the chimera, which are formidable foes. Sadly, the dreaded class 3 undead soldiers are nowhere to be found here. The boss fights are primarily the gods of Olympus, but there are some other bosses like that giant scorpion boss. This game is has great pacing and a very large sense of scale. While GOW Ascension would match this scale that game is just too unoriginal for me….but honestly maybe it's just because it came after this masterpiece. The boss fights are some of the best in gaming. My favorite three would be Poseidon, Hades, and Cronos. The latter of those boss fights is unreal how amazing it is. The final boss…Zeus is interesting but sort of too long and not as good as GOW2’s Zeus fight imo. Overall, this is the best 'GOW' game to date and I honestly don’t think it can be topped. We’ll see how good 'GOW' 2018 is.

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Matthew Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan
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