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Get Your Game Ready for Sims 4 Farming

by Mandy Cunningham about a year ago in list
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A list of mods to use for the new mod and expansion

The Sims community has been all aglow since last week. The modder Arnie released the stunning trailer of his year-long work, Sims 4 Farm Life, a few days within the announcement of EA's Cottage Life expansion pack.

Simmers have been making farm-themed decor and items for years, and are so eager to officially have scripts and gameplay features to live out their farming aspirations on screen.

The Farm Life mod and Cottage Life expansion already have so many features we've been waiting for, but to better enhance your gameplay next month, try out these mods.

*As with any new addition to the game, always check that they are updated and compatible with the new program before downloading.

Icemunmun's Functional Items

This modder's work has been a fan-favorite for years. They were one of the first simmers to introduce functional farm items into the game, and they beautifully compliment the upcoming features.

Although cows and chickens will be introduced, the candle making station, canning station, and mill would be amazing items to add. They use in-game items that every farmer needs and families want for extra fun -- flour, beeswax and harvestables. As your bees pollinate your crops, gather the beeswax to make candles for your home or personal shop. Do you have a fruit surplus? Can the leftovers to make delicious jams and jellies. The new mill offers new items for cooking and baking as a family, like different types of flour and sugar.

Live-in Business

Little Ms Sam's mod has been around for a while, and would be an amazing addition to your farming sims. Her Live-in Business mod allows your families to keep a functioning business on their home lot. Wouldn't it be adorable to have your own general store of home-grown harvestables and handmade pies to sell between time with your new animals?

Pig decor

I downloaded this mod a while ago, and it was so sweet, I had to add it here. The new pigs from Arnie's pack will need a new home with decor and clutter suitable to animals, so why not see if your new animal friends like these items?

Dairy mod

This mod is new to, and it pairs beautifully with the upcoming farm life options. Use the milk from the cow to make butter and cheese products with a functional churn. The creator is updating this mod constantly, adding more products all the time. I wonder if sims will be able to milk the sheep from Arnie's mod and make sheep milk products.....?

Lower harvestable prices

This is one of my favorite modder's first creations. I always wondered too why the harvestables could sell for so high so soon. MD Sims adjusts the prices so it's easier to buy lots of fruits and vegetables, and more difficult to make a living selling them. This would pair beautifully with the upcoming farming options because it adds more realism to the game by encouraging your sims to produce more harvestables and grow more plants.

Placeable birds and Animated Flowers and Bees

I so missed interacting with the Sims birds! All my families in the Sims 3 had pet birds, and now, they have bird feeders and spend hours watching and waiting for birds to come by. I was so glad to find this mod that allows you to place birds in your yard! (Maybe even your home? I have to try this out.) I also wanted to see more from the bees. Yes, they help pollinate the garden and launch attack at your sim's will, but knowing how often we see them in nature, I was eager to see them around the neighborhoods more. The same modder created animation for swaying wildflowers and bees flying among them, a great addition to a farmer's field or around the farmhouse.

Realistic Kids

We saw in the trailer that kids will be able to help with cooking in the new expansion, but as far we we know, that's the only new activity theey will be able to do. I use the Talented Kids mod all the time -- it really saved the game for me. Have your homesteading kids help in the garden, make some pies for themselves or the family, clean the house, and play the guitar for friends and family!

Autonomous Gardening

Add even more realism to your future farmers. Autonomy is one of my favorite features in the Sims 4 game. I want them to be themselves and make decisions, and the new update that enhances their traits made me so happy! This works in a similar way, encouraging sims to remember to take care of their own gardens without being directed. I would be so stressed having to constantly direct my farmer sims to take care of their crops (that's their job, not mine!), and this mod will allow them to make that choice themselves.

Nature Walks for Everyone

Take in the beauty of the new farming neighborhoods with this mod by taking nature walks alone or as a family! Gain some herbalism skill along the way.

Traits and Aspirations

Traits make the sim, don't they? For more nature-geared sims, these are some traits that compliment the farming lifestyle, and an aspiration to live by.

New hobby Traits by Kuttoe

Green Thumb

Animal Lover



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