'Far Cry 5' Brings The Danger A Little Too Close To Home

Ubisoft wanted to introduce a new dynamic to the 'Far Cry' universe, and 'Far Cry 5' introduces an incredibly vibrant story.

'Far Cry 5' Brings The Danger A Little Too Close To Home

Far Cry 5 is officially a politically-infused game that has divided countless gamers across their political affiliations, and with what Ubisoft just dropped at their #E32017 Press Conference - Far Cry 5 is like a primed explosive just ready to explode.

Ubisoft wanted to introduce a new dynamic to the Far Cry universe, and Far Cry 5 introduces an incredibly vibrant story that makes the danger feel all that more close to the real world. Far Cry 5 steps away from the fictional, exotic locale and instead moves to rural Montana.

As the protagonist, you'll be dropped into a world just on the verge of breaking the very fabric of civilization with a religious cult, led by Joseph Seed, A.K.A. "The Father", secretly undermining Hope County, Montana. As the ideal representation of small, rural America - Far Cry 5 looks to expand the environments of previous games and offer a massive sandbox of sorts to explore: full of enemies to kills, animals to be hunted and quests to be explored.

'Far Cry 5' Takes Inspiration From A Real Event

Joseph Seed and his followers, known as "The Heralds" may seem oddly reminiscent if you start to think about the proposed story of Far Cry 5. Back in 2016 a rogue militia took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon - the rogues hoped that by seizing control of the refuge, they could force the government to turn over the federal land to the individual states they reside in.

The similarities between the events at Malheur and what we're set to see in Far Cry 5 are shockingly similar when you consider that the leader of the armed occupancy of Malheur believed that he was given this task as a divine message. In Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed looks as though he's carrying out his own vision of divine direction regardless of whether or not the townspeople choose to follow willingly or by force.

Freedom Is At The Core of 'Far Cry 5'

Even though "The Father" spreads his belief system over the people of Hope County, the truth is that at the heart of this game the idea of freedom runs rampant. In terms of the civilians who join the uprising against The Father, they want to be able to choose for themselves the path in life that suits them. In terms of how The Father sees the world, he believes that by forcing them to follow his doctrine they will find a higher sense of freedom. In terms of your ability to explore and engage the world how you see fit, Far Cry 5 is a game all about freedom.

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