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Extra Credit Day 6 Video Game Challenge: If Only I Wouldn't Have Played THAT Game

by Matthew Bailey 3 years ago in pc

The game that tops my list of games I wish I hadn't played isn't what you probably think it is.

Now, before i get into this post let me say this: I love video games, all sorts of video games. I technically prefer role-playing games or first person shooters, but I'm not against trying new games when I have the opportunity. Yet there have been a few games that I have played that have been insanely popular, yet I wound up thinking to myself:

Why in the world did I ever play that game in the first place?

The game that tops my list of games I wish I hadn't played isn't what you probably will think. Honestly, I was addicted to this game for a while and all my friends probably hated me for spamming their notification panel on Facebook; because that is ultimately where this game resides- on Facebook.

You probably have an idea of what game I'm talking about now: Farmville.

Yes, the farming simulation game with social media elements. I look back on that time of my life with disdain and can't believe that i actually spent so much time devoted to building my farm and growing fruits and vegetables.


Yes, I was addicted and I hated myself for it, but I couldn't stop myself.

I expanded my farm land. I bought animals. I bought new produce. I harvested my crops and I repeated the cycle. Endless hours I spent waiting for the allotted time to expire. I remember looking at the clock and plotting what to plant depending on what the rest of my day had in store.

If I knew that I wasn't going to be able to visit my farm for a long period of time then I would purposely choose the produce and animals that didn't need constant attention.

The adverse was also true, if I knew that I had absolutely nothing to do in the near future, I spent hours online running a side-by-side screen with Farmville in one browser and something else in another while I waited for the time to expire.

Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey
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Matthew Bailey

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