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Emergency HQ (Mobile Game) Review

by Cherii C. about a year ago in mobile

Emergency HQ was released on 2018 on mobile app and different version is available on Steam.

Recently, I discovered and have been addicted to playing Emergency HQ on mobile. This game was released on the mobile app in 2018 and is available on the Google PlayStore as well as the Apple AppStore.

What's this game about? Emergency HQ is a game where you assemble a team of medical, firefighters, police forces and many other jobs to get a mission done. Each mission has its own task including a timer that shows how long you took to finish that particular mission.

The reason why I'm addicted to the game is because of how challenging it is. For instance, when there's a fire, it doesn't just stick to one house or car, but it will spread. Your medical team, engineering team and those that need to carry out a certain task near building or cars that are burning can get burned which makes you unable to finish a task and hence, you need to always keep an eye out on them as they're not protected like fire fighters.

You will start out with only one unit of each team when you build a job for the task. By upgrading each building, you get additional members in it, such as going from one doctor to two doctors. This helps you to carry out your task quicker.

You can earn rewards and badges based on the amount of time taken to complete the task. Ranging from bronze to platinum. The quicker you complete the task, the more coins you earn. Not only that, you can earn diamonds by watching ad or by visiting your friends or guilds HQ and open the hidden chest. Each hidden chest contains two diamonds and each ad gives you two diamonds. You can also earn extra coins from the side task by sending your team out to other division to help.

The coins earn can be used to not only upgrade all your buildings but to buy and build new buildings for different profession and to train your team. The time varies from 5 minutes to at least 40 minutes for training your team. Whereas, for buildings, it can start off from 15 minutes to even more than 100 hours.

The downside to this game is that it requires a huge amount of coins to build or train or upgrade a team. Including the time taken for each of it to be completed. So, if you're fine with a game that you can check back every now and then, it's a game that will suit you. Before I forget, the missions refresh every 30 minutes or so.

The game's graphic is decent for a mobile. You can zoom in and zoom out on the screen. You must guide where you want them (doctors, fire fighters, etc) to go and what you want them to do.

The mission for each task is written above the screen and shows what you need to do and how many till completion. It's important to keep an eye out on what is written so you know what you need to do and not get lost or confuse halfway through the game.

If you fail a mission, you can always have the option to restart it or come back to it later. Do remember that each mission has a call cost to call all the team at once needed for it to arrive at the scene. Always keep some coins and not spend them all so that you can carry out the mission.

Besides, the game is also available on Steam. However, it is a different version compared to the mobile game. You can get Emergency 20 on Steam for $15, Emergency 4 Deluxe for $10, Emergency Call 112 for $15 and Emergency 2 for $6. On mobile, it is free but there is in-apps purchase for diamonds (if you need diamonds, but honestly, you don't need diamonds).

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