Dungeons and Dragons: Asrie's Journey

by S. D. Kelley 2 years ago in table top

Session 1: Of Orcs, Elves, and a ...Baby Dragon?

Dungeons and Dragons: Asrie's Journey

To Whoever Finds This Old Rag of a Book:

Last night, I made four new acquaintances. Their names were Ozula, Amy, and two male idiots not worth remembering. I also have a couple of pets now. I have a black mastiff named Scourge and a battle, brown rabbit named Snack. How did I meet this peculiar group?

Well, yesterday morning, I woke up on this carriage going towards a castle. A godly voice, kind of like Asmodeus’s, rang in our head, telling us that we had to speak to the elvish Queen. Upon our arrival, Her Majesty gave us one goal. Our goal was to save her pet baby dragon.

A ranger named Amy and I teamed up and immediately went to check out the surrounding area. To our surprise, an orc handed us a letter saying that the orcs had kidnapped the queen’s baby dragon. I summoned a sparrow to go after the orc, and Amy sent her dog to follow my bird as well. My bird found the baby dragon at an orc camp to the North. I dismissed my bird. For some reason, Amy told the males of the party where the camp was, and that we would set out soon. Why did we have to include them? I do not get along well with others! I silently hissed, but kept my frustration to myself. We each prepared of our own materials that we would need.

I stopped by the potion shop and got two small health potions. The man there was quite peculiar. At least, I think that was the man. I also stopped by the pet store where I bought Snack and Scourge. The shopkeeper did not understand why I wanted a rabbit to accompany me, but the answer is quite simple. I tend to use this money as a snack for any horrendous monsters we come across along the way. I also bought a small backpack for the bunny to wear. I must remember to have the bag enchanted so that I can fit everything into it. I would love to see the look upon my enemies face as I draw a sword from my bunny’s small bag. I intend to enchant it as soon as I finish this quest. Scourge is intended to become my true war dog. Hopefully he will meet my expectations. It would be a real disappointment if he could not even achieve that. Again, I don’t expect much from Snack. I’m probably going to wind up tossing him at some monster or creature. Maybe I can sacrifice him to Asmodeus.

After the long detour of my apparent party, we finally went to go search for the orc camp. We found it—the kidnapped dragon. Amy, Ozula and I stealthily went around the camp and walked over to the dragon. We diligently worked to release the dragon from its restraints. I kept the guard distracted with a barely clothed female orc. Upon releasing the dragon, it flew away back towards its homeland. Amy and Ozula chased after it. I quickly followed them. When I reached the gate, I threw fire at the doors, guard, and left wall. Fire began to consume the camp. I ran behind Amy and Ozula, quite pleased with my work as black smoke evaporated into the abyss of the night.

The queen was enthused, and paid us our due. Ozula and I immediately schemed the downfall of the queen and scoped out the palace for a bit before we retreated, for now, with our party. I swear those two fools of male companions will be the death of me, so help me Asmodeus. I do not want to admit it, but Ozula has caught my attention. She and I have both made a deal to help each other out as the need arises. She continued with, “But, if you betray me, I’ll stab you right back.” I happen to like her style. Perhaps a wonderfully terrifying partnership has been formed.

Good night,


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S. D. Kelley
S. D. Kelley
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