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'Dragon Quest XI'

by Rodney McGill 4 years ago in rpg

What a Game!

The game is awesome and worth the over 200 hour investment!

Dragon Quest XI, what could one say about one of the best games in the franchise other than the fact that it is the longest in the entire history of the Dragon Quest-verse. However, I can say that I clearly underestimated how long this game was which, if we’re being honest here, is a big mistake to any gamer considering that every Dragon Quest game is long.

But, it goes without saying that Dragon Quest XI is one of those games that you have to play if you have a PS4 console. I recently wrote an article on the game detailing hints and strategies on specific things in the game. For example, if you’re going to enter Drustan’s Labyrinth, you shouldn’t until you’re at least a Lv. 67+.

Dragon Quest XI has something for everyone of all ages but I’ll tell you that sometimes smacking down baddies in open world areas while looking for items can be a little tedious, but it’s worth it especially when you’re getting stronger to boot; the game is perfect in every aspect and better than the other titles before it.

You play as the hero, who’s the Luminary of Legend reborn in present day, Erdrea, trying to follow in the footsteps of your ancestor and destroy the Dark One, Calasmos. On the journey, you’ll meet seven other characters who’ll venture with the Luminary on his quest to destroy the Dark One. The character system operates a little differently than its predecessor, Dragon Quest VIII.

The Luminary is a powerful force that gets his hands on all kinds of skills like Gigaslash, Gigagash, Gigacrash, along with a few other abilities. The other characters can be developed in accordance to the gamers’ preference. One misconception that I want to clear up now is that you can teach your characters skills across all their skill trees as you’re gaining levels.

The game is divided up into three halves. The first, from Cobblestone to Yggdrasil’s fall. Second, from Nautica to the Fortress of Fear. Post-game, from Land of the Lost to Calasmos. I cannot stress how great this game is and why every gamer should play it at least once. If you’re just getting started for the first time then here’s a little advice from me, a gamer whose been working on the game since it came out.

One, kill every enemy that crosses your path; you can stand to avoid some of them and you don’t necessarily have to kill every single enemy on screen because they do respawn within two minutes.

Two, enemies respawn. You don’t have to kill an enemy every time they respawn, kill them once maybe twice then move on.

Three, have some fun with the character builder. Don’t feel obligated to get all of the skills in order or even to bypass certain skills unless you really have to or want to for the time being i.e. Poof, Sword Stance, and Greatsword Stance. You don't have to just train your characters in one or two chosen skill sets like in Dragon Quest VIII; here, the sky's the limit.

Four, immerse yourself in the gameplay; let yourself be absorbed by everything going on in the game because you’ll really appreciate the true value of the game.

Five, after you have access to Yggdrasil in the post-game; stop there often and get an Yggdrasil Dew. The elixir is Omniheal in a glass flask, it’ll restore all of your characters’ hit points. Great and comes in handy when and if Serena is paralyzed or dead.

Six, use your skills and abilities. The enemies are bringing their A-game, you have to bring yours and your skills as well as abilities will allow you to do just that.

Seven, switch out characters often; you’d be surprised how boring the game battles gets when you’re using the same characters over and over again.

Eighth and final, don’t EVER underestimate the enemies at Trial Isle and the three trials; their powers make them among the strongest in the entire game.

If you have any further questions or are just curious about the game then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you, and happy gaming.

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