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'Dragon Ball FighterZ': Vegito Blue Trailer Review!!

A Full Breakdown of Vegito Blue's Trailer and More Updates on Zamasu!

By Michael ReynosoPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Image Credit: #DragonBallFighterZ

Welcome, Dragon Ball FighterZ fans!!

This is an update post because all of you have probably watched the Vegito trailer at this point, right? So, the Vegito trailer was either leaked or was accidentally released over the weekend.

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, I am going to do a breakdown and look at his moves, which is insane. Also, we have some new updates that have come out for fusion Zamasu, so that is what we are going to cover today.

So, without further ado, here is the trailer breakdown!

Goku & Vegeta merging into Vegito!

I really love the intro of Goku and Vegeta merging into Vegito.

A shock look of Vegeta while merging with Goku!

Also, this frame of Vegeta’s face is an instant meme.

Vegito Blue's flurry of kicks!

Now as we look at Vegito Blue’s move set, the first scene here shows auto-combo. His first light attacks seem to be that flurry of kicks. It is a bit long for a light attack. That is going to be very good for initiating. This is sort of a pressure scenario with a block stream because as soon as you press that button, he is locked in and you can think about your next move very easily.

That move is longer than any normal attack I have seen in the game. So if it hits, you have time to hit confirm and think, Oh. Let’s go into a combo. Now if it does not work, you are free to go into your block stream or any block. Just think about your next move. You have so much time.

2nd Auto-Combo!

The second hit of the auto-combo does not seem to be anything special. It is just that second kick.

A Command Grab!

Then the third one is a command grab. This is the auto-combo command grab. It might very well be. I think command grabs are going to be Vegito’s thing, based on the analysis we are going to go through for the rest of this post. His move set is really powerful because all of the command grabs. This looks like a command grab in an auto-combo. You cannot block it.

A Ki Blast!

The next scene is a pretty fast one. It starts with a regular ki blast, or it looks like one.

The Vegito Sword!

Then it goes into the “sword” move and the sword looks to be another command grab. In this case, it catches airborne opponents, but that is only one of the versions of this move. Now if you hit an attack button for the command grab, there is a version that hits the opponent on the ground.

You can catch an opponent on the ground!

This is a type of situation where the light attack button catches the opponent on the ground.

You can catch an opponent in the air!

Then the medium button catches opponents the in the air.

Vegito use sword to swap his opponent!

This is a command grab that swap sides, which seems to be another one of Vegito’s great strengths. He is just swapping sides whenever he feels like.

Vegito's dash of kicks while crossing his arms!

Up next we have a dash of kicks and it looks very stylish with Vegito just crossing his arms and kicking the opponent with velocity.

Vegito's massive kicks look similar to Vegeta’s super dash kick.

A heavy smash from Vegito!

Vegito’s kicks finish with a heavy smash attack that is probably going to cause a wall bounce.

This is one heck of a punch.

I love the animation!

Vegito used 'Instant-Transmission!'

We do not really see it though because he cancels that into a level one super, which is an instant-transmission super. This puts Vegito right above the opponent and punches them. It looks really easy to land this.

This is similar to Android 18’s level onesuper.

The Sword powers up!

Then we see another level one super, which is the “giant sword” and this pretty much covers the entire screen. It seems very easy to land.

Vegito throws Zamasu on the ground after performing the command grab!

Then we have an aerial combo and we go from a medium attack into a jump, cancel light-medium and command grab, which once again an aerial command grab, reverses the position. Then it puts the opponent into a slide knock down. Granted, he did spend a bar doing this. Maybe the weaker versions do not have this property.

Now what is really cool about this command grab is that after Vegito throws it, he immediately rushes down to the ground.

So in a way, it is similar to Broly’s command grab that everyone can just finish the combo with an aerial grab. If you want to swap positions, it is just like Broly.

Vegito lands on the ground after throwing Zamasu!

Unlike Broly, Vegito actually rushes back to the ground, which allows him to unleash his level three super. If I were to guess, this seems to be the ground only super.

Vegito in position to blast a Final Kamehameha!

Final Kamehameha!!!

Vegito switches to Vegeta!

I love how it switches from Vegito to straight up Vegeta.

Vegito switches to Goku!

Then it switches into Goku.

Vegito switches to himself!

Then it switches back to Vegito.

The Final Kamehameha blast!

Then it’s a fullscreen ki wave.

That is a badass move by Vegito.

So that is the Vegito breakdown.

The insane move sets were just a first impression. This guy has so many command grabs, side switching options, and got a very good range. Also, his sword moves give him very good range. Vegito looks very powerful and I really cannot wait to try him out.

So with that, let’s talk about Zamazu!

Now the Japanese trailer included some extra stuff. Most of the trailer is exactly the same, but we do see the activation of his flight ability. He has 8-Way movement.

Ermac is a great example from Mortal Kombat X who has the flight ability to float in the air for a long period of time.

Trunks unleashed a Masenko blast at Zamasu!

The activation seems to happen in an ideal scenario with Future Trunks throwing the Masenko and as a counter to his move.

Zamasu approaches Trunks with a counter!

Then Zamasu starts flying and approaches Trunks right away. I think they did a very good job in the trailer at showcasing this specific use as a counter to a big projectile. I think that is one of the moves will be used for sure. So we see Zamasu flying around and approaches Trunks a bit and throws a ki blast.

Zamasu's level one super counter!

Then he cancels into a level one super, which is a super we have not seen before. So with this, it makes three supers for Zamasu so far.

The activation sparks above Zamasu's head!

Also interesting, do you remember the two little sparks that Zamasu had floating above his head while he was flying around? So in the activation, we do not see those sparks right away. It seems like you would not always have them at your disposal. It could be one of those cases where you put a command to start flying. Maybe you need to spend a bar meter to have the sparks from the get-go or if you start flying, you put another command to get the actual sparks.

Point being, you would not always have them and that is interesting. Like I said, you are probably very vulnerable while flying. In other fighting games, they have this ability and you are unable to block. Whereas in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can just super dash into an opponent. It seems that you will be extremely vulnerable and the sparks seem to be the counter to that vulnerability.

However, they are not always available. So I think Zamasu is going to be a tricky player to play, but that is just a first impression.

Zamasu's different colors and lobby avatar displayed!

At the end of the trailer, we see Zamasu stance, his lobby character, and the colors.

His colors look really good.

That is all the updates I for you today!

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^


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