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Dr Disrespect Will Not Be Returning to Twitch

The Doc is Out.

By Culture SlatePublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Guy Beahm, a Twitch streamer commonly known as Dr Disrespect, has been the subject of significant controversy on the popular streaming platform Twitch following a ban from the site. At the time of his ban, Beahm had more than four million followers. He is best known for high quality streams of games such as H1Z1, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (particularly the Blackout mode), and Apex Legends. While Twitch routinely avoids commenting on the specifics of users' bans from the site, Beahm himself seems unaware of (or unwilling to disclose) the reasons for his ban, making it a topic of much speculation and discussion in the Twitch community.

While many rumors have surfaced theorizing that Beahm's ban could be the result of inappropriate behavior or criminal activity, Beahm called these rumors "crazy speculation" in an interview with PC Gamer. He stated that he may potentially take legal action against Twitch, but ultimately revealed no significant theories of his own as to the reasons for his ban.

Rod Breslau, an industry insider, is one of several voices within the Twitch sphere who has spoken up about potential causes for Beahm's ban. During an appearance on notable Twitch streamer Hasan Piker's stream, Breslau asserted that allegations have been made that Beahm's ban was resolved in a manner misaligned from Twitch's typical protocol, which implies "a law enforcement and/or security type of related issue." Breslau was unwilling to come forward with more information, revealing that he has not done so because the circumstances surrounding Beahm's ban from Twitch are severe enough to place Breslau under threat of a defamation lawsuit. Breslau personally is under the impression that there are more details that will come out and shift the conversation around the ban, but without more information from Beahm or Twitch, all of this is little more than speculation.

In the previously mentioned interview with PC Gamer, Beahm elaborated on the circumstances of how the ban happened, saying that it was all very sudden. One minute, he was able to access Twitch and its features, and the next, he had been locked out. While aware that his persona Dr Disrespect had been controversial in the past, he seemed unsure about whether that may have had anything to do with the ban. Perhaps the most mysterious part of this whole scenario is that Beahm himself appears to be just as in the dark as his fans and followers. Beahm is actively trying to avoid reading into too much of the "hurtful" speculation and theories regarding his ban, and is focused instead on moving forward with his streaming career and seeking out new opportunities.

While Beahm plans to continue streaming in one way or another, he is done with Twitch. That much is clear. Beahm stated that his main concern is making "the right decision for the community" that follows him. While having previously signed a multiyear deal with Twitch in March of this year, Beahm has asserted that he is not looking to sign any exclusivity deals at this time. While presently not much more than a store for his merchandise, Beahm has considered streaming on his website YouTube or Facebook have also been mentioned as potential options.

All in all, Beahm's lack of explanation, a host of fan theories and speculation, and Twitch's silence on the matter have created a situation shrouded in mystery. While we can expect to hear more in the near future, for now, fans are left with no substantial explanations as to what might have caused the ban to happen, and Beahm himself has not received satisfactory answers. Stay tuned for more on this situation as it develops, and we look forward to hearing about Dr Disrespect's return to the streaming sphere one way or another.

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