'Destiny' Releases New Cross-Save Feature

Plus, a shiny new trailer that has us mesmerized.

On August 21, Bungie released the ever-anticipated Cross-Save feature for Destiny. This feature lets you pick one account, whether it be Xbox, PC, or PS4, and copy it over so you can play with your friends. It’s fantastic. Let’s say you’re on PC like I am... but your friends play on Xbox. Cross-Save lets you copy your guardians and account and make it the “main,” meaning that despite the system you or your friends play on, you’ll be able to join them in the vast and expansive universe known as Destiny. Everything comes with you. Exotics, seals, armor, etc., because let’s be honest, do you want to grind for Thorn or Last Word again? I know I wouldn’t. Cross-Save didn’t come without its problems though... Bungie released a tweet shortly after yesterday’s reset that it was “postponed,” which sent Twitter users into a frenzy. So much salt was to be had in Bungie’s Twitter that you could season a year’s worth of french fries. It all seemed to work out though, as Bungie finally let Cross-Save go live at 3:30 PM EST. Imagine my delight when I didn’t have to fight my husband over the Xbox so I could grind out my solstice armor. (Still in green though... getting there.)

Recently, Bungie released their trailer for “Season of the Undying,” Destiny’s newest season following the recent “Season of Opulence.” In the trailer, we get to see what looks to be the creation of the Vex, one of Destiny’s many villains. One of the many questions I seem to have about this trailer is, what does it mean? Didn’t we get a Vex-based expansion named "Curse of Osiris?" Perhaps this is one of the cryptic hints about the nightmares we will encounter in the newest expansion, "Shadowkeep."

Bungie is known for the incredible and fantastic cinematics involving the Destiny franchise, and their recent trailer teasing “Season of the Undying” is a testament to the artistic creativity of the developers of this amazing game; they never cease to amaze us with the stellar graphics and top notch gameplay, promising that this newest season will be nothing but amazing when it comes to the Destiny franchise. With millions of fans, the newest season is looking to herald in the coming of the next chapter of the game we all know and love.

Since Bungie’s departure from Activision, the developer has nowhere to go but up. They are now a solely operated company who retained rights to the Destiny IP after years of working under the giant. With this newfound freedom to be creative as they want, Bungie is taking Destiny to new heights not only with the cinematics, but the ever-expanding universe that is the gameplay. There are so many possibilities and many ways to go with this game.

The trailer itself is almost 3D-like, something a lot more sophisticated than what Bungie has come out with. The almost threatening music and visual effects on how the Vex were created draw you in, making you visibly excited. It’s breathtaking when you think about it. It also makes you wonder if perhaps we will see some Vex-related enemy in the new expansion, considering that Bungie in their Vidoc for "Shadowkeep" said that the focus would be on what makes a guardian vulnerable and what makes a guardian scared. Bungie is not afraid to delve into this type of scenario to see what makes our guardian tick, what makes them question everything they have ever known.

This would be the first time that Bungie will try to scare us, and I’m ready for it. Moon’s haunted, let’s go.

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