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Dead Space - Best new game released on PS5

PlayStation 5

By JHON MAYERSPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Dead Space

It truly is a complete travesty that Dead Space, one of the most popular survival horror series available, has been frozen on the condition that it has, but at last, EA has listened to the fans. With the genre of survival horror having a huge revival and linear gaming titles as a whole seeming to be an appealing possibility to publishers all across the industry, EA has decided to take advantage of the opportunity while it is still there. Motive Studio's developer has launched the Dead Space remake, and the franchise is being praised again. It's a comeback that proved to be worth the extended, long wait. Back in 2008, Dead Space was the very first game title to be revealed. Dead Space made precisely what is one of the best survival horror titles ever produced, and now, a decade and a half later, its remake has done it again. In addition to capturing the power of lightning in a bottle, it also improves on the original in significant ways. It is a masterpiece, twice over.

Dead Space


Dead Space Remake is placed in the further distant destiny that humanity has taken into the night sky. Players take on the metallic shoes that belong to Isaac Clark, a repairman who is simply being sent with his crew for Ishimura, the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura is a "planet cracker" ship that mines abandoned planets to make materials, and it has suddenly gone offline. Nicole, Isaac's girlfriend, is truly a doctor on the vessel. So he goes abroad in the hopes of meeting her. When Isaac and his team arrive at the ship, they discover that the massive cruise ship appears to be on its way to becoming obsolete, except for horrific clawed and spiked zombie monsters that appear to end up doing exactly what the original crew's truthfully kept records indicate. Isaac must line up a method to live in the most horrific ship ever since it became the Horizon, and hopefully, it will allow him to save Nicole and make it out alive.

Large and modest roles already have obtained more and more dialogue to fill out the world and story overall. Fortunately, Isaac's dialogue from his Dead Space remake never seems out of the norm. The writing, increased roles for characters, and performances never seem like they are trying to create characters that seem more real and less generic. Ultimately, all prospective fans need to be aware of this: Motive Studios has come out on top in making the Dead Space Remake the decisive method to experience the initial part of Isaac Clarke's story.

Dead Space


The combat system of the game has been designed to recreate the thrilling and satisfying action that made the 2008 game title feel special. Players must make use of place-based technology strategies to dismember the zombie-like Necromorphs, which now sport components of muscle, skin, and bone that break far away in battle. The revolutionary peeling system can help determine the health of an enemy to formulate excellent fighting tactics. The returning arms have been augmented with a range of different fire choices to boost combat options and variety. Upgrades to gear and the pace at which players get additional firearms have now been modified to make the game more fluid in a way that the original Dead Space just didn't.

Dead Space

Game Play

As for the game, players are charged with exploring the halls and corridors of Ishimura. Ishimura to perform quests that will hopefully lead them to escape. The maze-like halls are a challenge, and the design is unique in that it presents a way of presenting particular attractions that help you understand what you're doing. A tram connects the destinations, and the experience is reminiscent of the game Metroidvania, where you can discover new skills and cards to get to other routes. On that note, the participants are completely free in this game. Aside from exactly where your marker is advising you to move, you are still free to travel wherever you'd like, which could result in additional enemy happenings. However, there are treasures scattered throughout.

Dead Space


The remake as well offers Dead Space's unbelievably powerful art design the opportunity to show off its best. The original was an excellent-looking play for its time, and it hasn't been outdated that well, but the new version is very fantastic. Each area is full of details and the environment. The enhanced lighting effects transform zones that are relatively quiet into terror fuel. The creepy sounds that the ship makes are generally an absolute delight, filled with unsettling sounds and a creepy murmur that make every step appear like an honest fear. Its voice actors are excellent, and in almost every case, I believe it is a step up from the originals. Isaac's style actor, Gunner Wright, is a similar voice actor who voiced him in Dead Space 2 and 3, so he sounds best. Great prices for PS5 adventure games.

Dead Space


Speaking of audio, some of the voice actors have reprised specific parts, but not all of them. But, the OG actor who voiced Isaac Clarke, Gunner Wright, profits so that, as with each of those previous sequels, the main character is vocal. Gunner Wright puts in an excellent performance, as does the supporting cast. I understand some people prefer an unassuming protagonist, but as I said earlier, the choice is up to the individual. Biggest discount for New PS5 games.

Dead Space

Bottom Line

Dead Space is an excellent and terrifying horror experience that has been improved by this new release. Whatever you remember adoring about the original game is available, but with improved quality and new features that enhance it for an exciting new generation. As I played, I could see and feel my muscles tense, and my hands were clambering up, desperate to access a healing tool I didn't have. I was tensely turning around. It's likely to be something I share with anyone who plays, regardless of their previous experience with the franchise. But, additionally, without the recollections, I'm unable to offer a more satisfying game of survival horror than this.


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