'Dead by Daylight'

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An introduction to a great game

'Dead by Daylight'

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical survival horror game that puts four survivors against one killer in an escape or die round. The killers have a weapon, a power, add ons and four perks, and they’re tasked with catching the survivors, knocking them down and putting them on a hook to sacrifice them to the entity. The survivor can take an item with add ons and they have four perks, and their task is to repair five generators to power exit gates to escape the entity’s realm. If a teammate is hooked, they can be rescued from the hook, but after three hookings, the survivor is sacrificed.

The game features some licensed killers, such as the Shape (Michael Myers), the Nightmare (Freddy Kruger), Ghost Face and the pig from the Saw series. Those killers have a survivor as part of the DLC: Laurie Strode, Quentin and Detective Tapp. It also has created killers such as the Huntress, the Spirit, and the Doctor... Dead by Daylight has 16 killers and 17 survivors to choose from, with more "chapters" being added every few months. Each chapter usually has a killer, a survivor, and a map.

My Experience as Killer

I started playing Dead by Daylight on its console release back in 2017, and I only played as killer. The killer I chose was the Trapper, and the game was quite difficult, with many of my games ending in frustration and only maybe one or two kills in a round. Killers can select four perks that will aid you in your quest to get all four survivors hooked and sacrificed to the entity.

I never really played survivor during my first stint with the game and stopped playing after around six months. I returned to the game after about a year away and decided to try playing as survivor, but I still play the odd game as killer and the experience is, it seems, slightly easier than it was a year ago.

Survivor Experience

The role I mainly play now is survivor. Your job as survivor is to repair five generators to power the exit gates to be able to escape the trial. You also need to help your teammates by rescuing them if they’re hooked by the killer and healing them when they’re injured. You will encounter skill checks whilst repairing generators. You get an audible alert just before the skill check dial appears on the screen; it resembles a clock face with a moving arm, and you need to stop the arm in the highlighted zone to successfully complete the skill check.

Once the team has completed five generators, the two exit gates become powered and you then need to open the exits to escape. A recent introduction to the game was the end game collapse. This is triggered in two situations: firstly once an exit is opened and secondly if one survivor is left and the hatch has opened. If the killer finds the hatch before the last remaining survivor, they can close the hatch to start end game collapse. The survivor then has two minutes to open the exit, or if they have a key, find and open the hatch. If you don’t leave within the two minutes, the entity will come up through the ground and sacrifice you.

End game collapse

In summary, whatever role you choose, you are sure to have a great time. I have played both roles and I enjoy both, but my favourite is to play as a survivor.

This will be the first piece I will be doing about DBD. I will do some more in depth stuff around the game depending on feedback I receive.

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