Crimson's 'Fallout New Vegas' Review

A Unique Game with a Wild West Charm

Crimson's 'Fallout New Vegas' Review

This game definitely has its own brand of charm going for it. Being a Fallout game, it's definitely got the survival and post-apocalyptic feel down, but it also has a wild west element to it that adds a whole new element of fun. In the wild west, the fittest survived and the weak often didn't last long. The selection of music played by the ever charming Mr. New Vegas isn't too bad either. There are, of course, several interesting characters and scenarios that increase the amount of entertainment you can get from just one game. Played in canon your character is out for revenge and wants to get back at a character named Benny for shooting your character in the head and burying you in a shallow grave. Benny's an asshole and tries to pretend to be a good person but he's really an asshole and I fully enjoy killing his stupid ass. There are several ways revenge can be had with this character, but my favorite involves playing as a female character with the Black Widow perk. If you play this way you have the option to find Benny in his casino, seduce him into jumping in the sack with you for a good shag and then you can kill him in his sleep and take all his stuff.

I've played survival mode which isn't actually too hard, but you do need to be more careful since recovering from injuries is a chore and forget about killing any death claws in this difficulty mode. Also, if you see a cazador just avoid them no matter what difficulty level you've picked. It doesn't matter which one you're on, because if you run into one of these stingy bois, you're dead! One thing I really like about survival mode though is that enemies die more quickly if you have good aim. I love shooting at their necks to see if I can get their heads to pop off. I also like the game mechanic that lets you aim more directly at enemies. I hardly use the VATS system in the FPS versions of Fallout, to be honest. One of my other favorite perks has been the Sandman Perk where you can slit characters' throats in their sleep. I'll use this perk to sneak around NCR camps and slit trooper's throats so I can take their stuff. I do the same thing to Caesar's legion because I fucking hate Caesar's Legion. I'll usually work my way up to killing Caesar himself.

The last time I played this game I made it so Mr. House would win based on the fact that I thought he'd be better at managing resources. I'm not going to lie though, this game definitely has its fair share of problems. There's a bug that makes it so you can progress any further with the NCR that I ran into that I found annoying. One of the quests seems bugged. Also, sometimes you'll be wondering the wasteland and find a bunch of NPCs stuck in a giant boulder not knowing they're stuck there and walking in vain or trying in vain to attack you. I usually kill them to put them out of their misery. Killing Caesar is one hell of a task though because once you attack him the whole tribe comes after you. I prefer using an Xbox 360 controller which you can use with the Xbox 360, but can also use it with a personal windows computer which is nice.

Hints and Tips

  • Don't kill Veronica before you destroy the Brotherhood of Steel Base. If you do your game will come to a standstill and you won't see the end of it.
  • If you play in survival mode try to always carry food and water. Especially water.
  • In survival mode, I'd recommend memorizing where you can get water from. It's better to drink from these sources rather than your reserves if you can help it.
  • Keep as many stimpaks as you can.
  • Keeping Benny alive doesn't do anything. He'll try to kill you.
  • In survival mode, you really do need to carry antivenom. If not you can die inconveniently.
  • I'd say save maybe every 30 minutes.
  • The Wild Wasteland perk doesn't give any advantages, but it's fun to choose.

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