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Car Games versus Motorcycle Games:

by John Salazar 2 years ago in racing
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From Road Rash to NFS titles, we had loved them all, spending countless hours gaming and driving even before we got our hands on our first vehicles. These games are more than games. For us, they’re memories.

Video games have been an integral part of our entertainment industry since the 1980s. They have been revolutionized multiple times since. They are known to be an object of fascination for all age groups. Earlier, they were associated only with young adults, but in the last two decades, they have been a part of adults’ lives too. They are associated with males, but many females are intrigued by video games too.

Since the last decade, the commercial importance of video games has taken a bloom. The extension of video games to mobile phones has instigated the progress of the video game industry. As per the statistics of 2018, video games have been the third most sold segment in the U.S. entertainment market after the broadcast and cable T.V.

For a very long time, we all have debated over motorcycle games and car games, so today, let us all delve deep into that question.

How it all started?

It all began at a science fair when Dr. Uhler unveiled his very creative invention of the gaming machine. The game was that of an ancient mathematical kind, which flourished within six months of display. Since then, the gaming industry has been holding up great potential.

The history of video games dates back to the 1950s when the first-ever developed video game, ‘Tennis for Two’ was released, though it declined after its first month of launch because of its high price, it is still regarded as the first step towards the technical gaming.

The soulful purpose of video games back then was research and training. Hence, they did not excite the audience initially. Also, digital games had high prices back then. They did not capture many audiences. Then came into the picture Dr.Ralph Baer, who later came to be known as the father of video games. He provided a Midas touch to the declining industry of digital gaming through his strategy of giving games at lower prices.

As the prices of TVs were low at that time, Baer had the grand idea of developing a console that could be attached to the T.V.s and played efficiently. After years of research, he finally came with a very first console called the ‘Pong.’ The game proved to be a superhit with about 1 lakh units sold within its first year of release.

Evolution of motorcycle and car gaming

The craze of the bike and car games began around the 1970s when Atari released its first car driving video game, Gran Trak 10, in low resolution and single screen. It was a long road from here to NFS, but all of it had its significance.

The best thing about such games was that they were based on real-world racing games with totally fantastical set-ups and tools. The critical feature of racing games is their fun and the traces of experiences they provide and also how they relate to physics. It teaches all of us some basic set of instructions that are to be followed while driving like how we are all supposed to slow down during turns, how to handle car steering, exposes the player to highways, windy roads, and multiple land options: water, air or space.

Many games replicated real-life cars and bikes and subjected the players to the knowledge of vehicles and driving ethics.

Motorcycle Games

Motorcycle games began trending in the mid-late 80s since the release of the first motorcycle game Hang On in 1985. It had a SEGA platform with a third person viewing system. It had a fancy arcade control system and took players to multiple turning points along the way.

The arrival of motorcycle games widened the horizon of the gaming industry and also the sales of racing bikes all over the world. The motorcycle games always highlighted the wonderful habit of carrying helmets along with two-wheelers.

The release of the trilogy of Road Rash during the 90s provided the motorcycle games the highest boast. This SEGA based game was rapidly released over multiple systems and had about millions in sales.

Car Games

The trend of car games began even before the motorcycle games. When the motorcycle games entered the market, the car games had already set their feet into the gaming industry. The car games began around the late 70s with the arrival of the very first game of this sort: the Gran Trak 10 in 1974 by Atari. It was based on simple graphics of black and white dot patterns that highlighted the driving course of the player.

Earlier, the car games were all about the player competing against the clock, trying to reach the finish line before the time-lapse until the concept of A.I. competitors and multi-players were introduced. The trendsetter among the car racing games was Namco’s Pole Position, which became the highest-grossing arcade game of the 80s. Pole Position held a very high position in all of the racing games ever made and was regarded as the most influential game of the 80s that it even had a cartoon made after it.

Motorcycle Games Versus the Car Games

Though the motorcycle games and car games both retain their share of qualities and features, there have been arguments about whether a person should go for a bike or a car game. This debate has been as old as the hills — do you choose the comfort of a vehicle or the independence offered by the bike? Similar concepts are administered to the choice of motorcycle games or car games.

When it comes to motorcycle or car games, the resemblance of real life is universal. A person interested in motorbikes would go for motorcycle games, and a person fascinated by cars would go for car games. The same goes for the purchase of vehicles.

What should you go for?

The choice of motorcycle games or a car game truly depends upon the personal interests of the player.

If you like independence, cutting through small lanes or avoiding traffic, handling speeds, then definitely motorcycles are your thing, and you should go for the motorcycle games. But if by chance it comes to comfort, handling steering wheels or multi-setups within a vehicle, then the car games are you right call.


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