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by Marcus Wright 11 months ago in horror


X Gonna Give it to ya! (Along with some other bioweapons)

When Resident Evil 3 dropped in April fans were excited to say the least ( I know I was) but all wasn't what it seemed to be especially when Capcom announced project RESISTANCE, with the open beta and including it for free with the RE3: Remake. Red flags right away right especially knowing CAPCOM was including this sleeper for free, well when fans beat RE3: Remake and noticed that 30% of the Original content (PS1 RE:NEMEISIS) was completely cut and the replay value wasn't there, Fans were pissed and not to mention the Mercenaries mode (PS1 RE:NEMISIS Battle Mode) cut, fans looked at this title as Capcom's way of saying "Sorry, we know its missing a lot but hey check this multiplayer game out it was free with your purchase!" I know a lot of fellow gamers who bought both digital and physical copies of RE3:REMAKE, who didn't even install this game due to the audacity of Capcom and this petty attempt to make things right, but to those people all I got to say is "Your missing out!" Plus not to mention the cold shoulder gamers gave this multiplayer, definitely showed Capcom that this title aint worth the Clock tower, Grave Digger, not to mention a plethora of other content cut, but it's bittersweet especially considering the potential this game had (due to OCT 2020 Patch/Update being the last of what they have for the game)

RESISTANCE is more then just Capcom's poor apology for the RE3 REMAKE, and if handled better like Capcom essentially offering a patch o DLC for the cut content, this could have gone to places that RE fans would have wanted to go (If you like being trapped in Labs, Casino's with traps and creatures) First and foremost, you can play as Survivors which originally consisted of 5 survivors and with the second to last patch adding Miss Jill Valentine, you could also play as Masterminds Annette Birkin being my personal favorite, with each Mastermind and Survivor having key skills and strong suites (I.e., Annette specializing in Creatures and Buffs) Its pretty epic did I mention Mrs. Birkin's Ultimate Skill summoning Mr. Birkin to reek havoc and stop survivors, but let me digress lets get into the meat and potatoes of this sleeper.

With a handful of stages whatever you choose to play as whether survivor or mastermind, you're in for a treat with deck building and essentially customizing your Survivor or Mastermind to your specs but with that comes grinding to unlock skill cards and equipment cards to mold your Survivor or Mastermind to tailor what you want to focus on whether be creature attack power, or health, trap durability, camera durability, gun skills, botanist perks, or camera hacking its essentially up to you and the Mastermind or Survivor's you're up against.

With this concept and design comes so much possibilities especially with the addition of Spencer Oswell and Nicholai (RE3) being made as playable masterminds, Spencer relying on bio energy and bio cores ( bio energy is needed to use skill cards, and cores being a destructible task survivors must destroy in Area 3) and Nicholai relying on tracking and guns in which he sets up on cameras in each map (as that is the way you control masterminds and keep a eye on survivors, through surveillance cameras .) I was hoping to see Albert Wesker but we got Alex Wesker (His sister with her appearance in Re: Revelations 2) but also some new RE faces such as Lucas Baker or James Marcus (Antagonist in RE:ZERO) but that hope was killed due to a dropping player base due to game exploits and or gun mechanics making it impossible for Mastermind at times and vice versa small exploits with Masterminds specifically Alex and her strengths in Infecting survivors and laying and detonating traps (like landmines or my favorite Air trap) and again the last update that came and went in OCT with CAPCOM saying "Last update but maybe open to more which translates to "More updates if player base rises.(lol)" This is Capcom's most disappointing project in the sense of wanting more Masterminds, survivors, skills and creatures ( Leech Queen or Margaret Baker or hell even Jack as a Ultimate Skill) but if you haven't gave this title a try I suggest you do I was skeptic and look at me now.


Marcus Wright

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Marcus Wright
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