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Can Adults Play Video Games

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By Ferrari KingPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

A question some people may ask is can adults play video games. I have seen elderly people play games because they say it keeps their mind sharp. Games improve memory, hand and eye coordination and much more. Some people say it's a time waster but what hobby isn't. I enjoy playing games around 3 to 4 hours a week in addition to weight lifting, MMA (mixed martial arts) , reading and learning new things. You could say watching football is a waste of time or watching any sport and that spending money to attend these games or going to a concert is a waste of money but in the end no one has the right to tell you what you can or can't do with your time and money. They also can't tell you what to like or dislike. In a sense all hobbies are a time waster but only if you don't enjoy them. Some people think you should be focused only on work and family. They forget their are families that play games together and not all of us have families. If you look like me you or have my lack of money, you are not having a family.

One of the many issues I have with people is that they seem to be so self-absorbed that they fell others should or in many cases do like and dislike what they like or dislike. They can't even fathom that people have different tastes and opinions and they believe we should all think like them. They tend to think we are all extensions of them.

A person can still play games or do any other hobby and still have fun with their families. If you playing games are getting between you and your family, this is true for any hobby, then you need to think about your priorities. To be honest I think people pick on gamers more is the fact most gamers are male, this is not actually true any more but most people don't know or care. Games are for anyone.

I once read a comment where a guy was saying he doesn't enjoy gaming because games are too hard and it causes him stress since he is not good. This is a case where you need to stop. If your hobby causes your stress and dread than don't do it. Do what you enjoy. As I alluded to before if you cannot turn away from games or any other hobby than you have a problem. Games keep your mind sharp and help with hand and eye coordination. Again even older people play games.

I read a comment by a woman that said if her father still played video games she would be embarrassed. How much do you want to bet if she grew up seeing her father play video games and he shared the experience with her that she would have no problem. She didn't mind her father doing BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) which some do consider an time waster.

Notice you will never hear these people complain about people watching sports or going to a movie or watching TV but all these are also time wasters. It's only games they have to complain about. Many games force you to think and come up with alternate solutions to a problem. Some games are difficult such as Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series and games that are similar but these games teach you patience and how to solve difficult problems. Of course these games aren't for everyone and parents shouldn't be allowing their children to play M-rated games since those are for 17 years old and up but parents do.

I hope you enjoy this article.

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I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games, BS in Molecular Biology. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my wonderful LinkTree you should check for all links:

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