call of duty: cold war is it going to flop?

cold war ... flop or success

call of duty: cold war is it going to flop?
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Since finding out the news that Treyarch and Activision were going to be developing the new call of duty, hundreds of fans were ecstatic this is due to the previously developed games by these two studios being a success. however, cold war tells a different story from the alpha many fans were complaining about the sbmm, something that was introduced in Infinity Wards Modern Warfare back in 2019. the alpha of Cold War seemed to have many fans on the edge of their seats this wasn't because of how well developed it was but how the fans wanted to know why both the studios decided that adding Skill based matchmaking into the game was a good decision.

During the first couple days of the alpha, twitter was blowing up in regards to the Skill based matchmaking query fans had but Activision and Treyarch both decided to respond in a way that annoyed fans stating that previous call of duty games such as Black Ops 2 etc had skilled based matchmaking but having played the game myself I can confirm the Skill based matchmaking was completely different when they bought Black Ops 2 out.

SBMM was trending on twitter and blowing up the call of duty community to force a response out of Treyarch and Activision but whos to say Treyarch have a say whether or not they can change the sbmm as far as it concerns fans Activision are the directing studio who are in charge of what is approved and what isn't. Not to blame Activision but it seems a lot of fans are lashing out stating that they will only buy the game for zombies because least that won't have sbmm which is completely fair considering I do feel Multiplayer is going to be a repeat of Modern Warfares. the official game launch is November 13th and taking in the fact we are currently in the 2nd week of the beta before the full release it's not looking good for the two developing studios, personally, sbmm is still implemented in the game and this is weekend 2 of the beta with pc and Xbox players getting early access till the 17th when the beta is open for everyone.

my personal opinion on this is that between now and November 13th i feel both Treyarch and Activision need to actually listen to the fan community otherwise the franchise that has been so popular over the years will start to go downhill. I don't know maybe it's because of how 2020 has gone so far especially with coronavirus and the fact it was meant to be sledgehammer games turn to make the new call of duty I understand the pressure they must be under but they chose to make the game so they do need to consider the input from the fans who are going to buy the game.

the conclusion of the first week of the beta Treyarch tweeted out saying please give critical feedback so we can plan and improve ahead of the second week clearly most of the improvement given wasn't taken into account and I understand fans frustration but there are still a few more days for them to make improvements like the sbmm and nerfing weapons like the Milano they said they had slightly reduced that guns range but the gun still shreds especially if you get the first bullet on the opposition player. there are many problems which need to fix for the final release dated later for November 13th but for now, let's wait and see what Treyarch and Activision say especially if the second week of the beta is a success

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