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Bunker Project

by Lawrence Finlayson 3 months ago in vr · updated 3 months ago


"Storyboard 0005"

Bunker Project - Independent Arbitor


How many bounced back communication had QuetzalCorp come through over the years concerning one part of the website or the other, that he could hear the water dripping, walking, the water displaced by his footsteps, the occasional homeless person, or a person fleeing the UHF amplification not perceivable, others the UHF Compression or Pascal Amplification, others more perceivable of one form or another of Delayed Audio Frequency; The Bunker Project of the past, when governments and armies once knew the importance of these "frequencies" before they ran into misuse, misunderstanding, that the endless rolls of Tapes and Machines, receivers and transponders, did little for them, now they fuelled a new dilemma, that of social maladies, social stratification, and where those stresses and pressures went, often was to those who only could understand and percieve intention and expectation, the Will of the planet had been excessively scattered to the four corners and the four directions.


By chance, Asterick had been of an increasing interest in the paranormal field, and though Canadian entertainment forms after "Creepy Canada", the best thing since the 80's USA-based "Unsolved Mysteries" and whatever material one could find written here or there of the Canadian Ghost Stories or Saskatchewan Ghost Stories, Asterick came upon a young female he would come to call "Lily", though it was placeholder name that he saw after the loss of his debit card less than 500 meters away.


Before Christmas 2017, Asterick had several pre-sleep ghost stories, one of those concerned "The Other Side", in this particular episode, they were touring Saskatoon's Western Development Museum at the Exhibition Park and during this time they were able to pick up intelligent responses to responses by a metered light.


After they had left, a later follow-up and behind the scenes, there was something that had not quite been resolved.  When they returned they did a more in depth review and ended up in the Archives and Storage-type area:

"Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down."


While it was a very interesting follow-up investigation, this particular pre-Christmas, pre-sleep, preparation and planning for a recreational activity and photo opportunity, he had began to pick up items on his CPCS perception of unresolved issues or dilemmas, at first she was not perceivable, probably long since passed on and crossed over, but, in rare occasions and for reasons way out of his own control, thank goodness, Asterick had the uncanny ability to perceive intention, expectation, and as well was very well versed in interpretive stress and pressure transference but where he had an increasingly learned skill set was direction.


After setting aside a day for his visit, stopped for a single quick drink on his way to the museum and the debit card had seemed to disappear into thin air, luckily he still had bus fare and while he looked for awhile, decided to beeline downtown and get a replacement card and rebook his day, perhaps that was a good thing too due to a slightly negative attitude, one which he had tailored his research and knowledge databases and filters over the years, the most recent of which were going on five years of filtration and not yet publicly available content, while the larger research, multi--disciplinary, had spanned 7 academic, yet still pre-degree, post-secondary, learning, unlearning and relearning and even more training and retraining.


On his way home from his failed museum trip, he remembered again the importance of backup plans and alternates; and when night fell, that was when the days close of why such a minute coincidence pattern would occur.  He had been working for at least several months on the interpretive when he kept encountering the same problem or problems over and over again in which ever direction, subject or method, policy, procedure or skilled function.


Why did it bother me so much to have lost a debit card to visit the Western Development Museum he asked himself, as if queued, Innuendo.  What does that mean to you? It meant that he had intended and had expected, whether or not another was to be communicating there, that my intention and expectation had, when plans had not gone accordingly were now as stress and pressure.


Then, What does or did it mean to others he continued, that which may not have meaning to others. Why? Others do what they will. And, what is, then Will? The Meaning itself. 


He was overjoyed at the thought process dispite the disappointments of the day, "Lily" would have to be acknowledged and thanked, just as much as the powers and principalities, just as much as family, religion, institution, entertainment or business, especially it being this "Time of Renewal" and the separation of Stress and Pressure, Intention and Expectation as well as the International Reset or Review of Will: "The meaning of Will as it was, is and should be, as meaning itself!"     



[Elsewhere, USA]

"What is it?"

"Do you recall the Bunker Project of QuetzalCorp that had ruffled a few feathers."

"Yes, why, what is it?"

"Many others... of the Writers Guild... many of them had been complaining of Sewers, Storm Drains, and the Homeless, now again referenced as the Bunker Project..."


To Be Continued...

Bunker Project - Bunker 36

Typically, it would seem that the expressions, on the bunker's contained various recording devices, of intention and expectation. Were various and in any and every discernible and non-discernible direction.  But, were these live broadcasts, repeats, recording or returned broadcasts, uncovered reviews or other, is the main problem that QuetzalCorp has at the moment.

The first indicator was of Bunker 36 accessible, or was, from Station 36 in Detroit, Michigan.  Most seemed to be debriefing of things outside the normal perception of reality, things that did not and as history and its repeats have known were never really reconciled.

It seemed fantastic to everyone on earth, The cosmic radiation.  That the Powers and Principalities, the Chastisers and Amplifiers, all glorifying themselves.  Then, one day they boasted too much; for some reason the Emergency Broadcast System reasserted itself.

The fact that the moon itself could do what was being done, or that a Delayed Audio Frequency or Global Amplification satellite could do a similar thing, or that in its most invasive technological achievement could track the very movements within static down to minuscule detail with varied clarity over several types of technology, the absence of discernment at any level of these natural phenomenon or the technological layers, seemed a great loss to QuetzalCorp, as it had always enjoyed a layer by layer reason and rationale that could be, at least eventually explainable to most people.

When Asterick was writing late in 2016, a lot of these issues began to resurface.  What was the Shadow People chapter of the Halloween 2016, was split into several things not the least of which was the Raven chapters, the Raven Project, DAF/EBS review and low and high-frequency communication.

Whether brainstorming while falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night; Detroit, MI at first and later Sydney, Australia, then eventually Denver, Colorado; the Bunker System was a highly unusual subject that integrated the recording of people talking, most of the time on a subconscious level.

Eventually, these were replace from the International Community and centralized out of the United States of America, then as the "backtalk militial-politics" were decompiled, certain witnesses of the phenomenon, especially the head of the Barrister's Document Regimen, the Bunker System was compiled into Area 52, not to be utilized.

Several oddities remained though, the knowledge was not just from the planet, in plain words it was intention and expectation beyond standard dimensional models of family, religion and institution, something that for a long time was governed on an international scale called stress and pressure and its transference, something that fed the three dimensions, empowered the 4th dimensional people, while anything upper level was reduced by various glass-ceiling effects.

Other aspects exist containing various knowledge at the Area 52 complex: Inter-disciplinary, Multi-disciplinary are the more important to be integrated into the computer system, but, all of these are data and knowledge and perceptions, all are integratable into the QuetzalCorp computer design, the upper ten levels of design were key marked by Coatilian Placard Coding System, intention, expectation.

Whether there ever was a four part military precursor to the, Ubratrap, Valley, Interface, or Core, still has yet to be integratively solved, but rushing has never done anyone any good in the past. 


Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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Lawrence Finlayson
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