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BTS Island: In The SEOM

A Review

By G.BPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Official BTS Island: In The SEOM art

BTS may be on hiatus but this doesn't stop them from releasing a brand new mobile game that debuted this summer 6.28.2022. As a BTS fan, I was pretty excited to try out a game that had a lot of input from the members. It was exciting to know that a mobile game would come around this summer and I was attracted to the extremely adorable characters. Personally, I find the characters to be a main reason why I chose to play the game, because they are visually pleasing to look at. From the first impression, I can say with confidence that the graphics are adorable and gives the player a sense of calmness. By calmness I mean that the graphics and Suga's 'Our Island' video game soundtrack ring a cord with the graphics. Suga produced the song for the mobile game, and boy did he do a really great job at it. The soundtrack gives the listener a sense of calmness that matches the theme of a tropic cool island. Care to listen to it? Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

Now that you listen to it, let's get back to reviewing the ins and outs of the game. The game begins with the members being stranded on the island and their goal is to fix their broken boat to get back to their normal lives. However, it seems that they are doing everything but fixing the actual problem. Which is quite funny because the game will give the player tasks to make hammocks, prepare drinks, and other none-boat related tasks to make the BTS members more 'comfortable' while living on the island. Tasks can be completed by acquiring stars and stars are awarded when the player finishes puzzles. The puzzles have challenges, themes, and some were even created by the BTS members themselves. Of course, the tiny BTS avatars can also lend the player a helping hand during the game when cool moves are done. As the player gains more stars, diamonds, and coins the player can purchase items to decorate the island and more. Some items may only be purchased with real money or by buying tons of coins or diamonds with real money. Or if you do not have the luxury to buy any of those, you must work your way to earn them through the game.

BTS avatars eating food after completing a task

Players can also join clubs by acquiring a level 30 or higher, in which players can interact with other fellow ARMY fans as well as receive hearts and give hearts (health status of the player). Throughout the game the player can enjoy not just the interaction of other ARMY members but also collect different accessories to dress each member, actual picture galleries of BTS members (when BTS avatars have gained a certain level of happiness through interactions) and if possible get to play a game with the actual BTS. Yep, JK and RM have been known to play the game and actually have created a club in the game. Unfortunately, the club has a limit of only 30 members, so whoever joined RM's club was lucky enough to get in quickly and beat the other thousands of players. JK and RM being able to play with fans can be quite a treat and fans are hoping to see the other members become more involved in the game as well.

Overall, the game is not just pleasing to the eye but it can be quite fun! As a mobile player, I find the game quite interactive in many aspects. One perk that's fun is being able to interact with many ARMY members from around the world and work together as a club. Another perk is being able to gain happiness from all the seven BTS avatars, being able to carry them around the island and have them fish, swim, dance, eat, sleep and more. These perks are something that stood out to me the most as a player and would highly recommend this game to any fan out there.


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