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'Breath of The Wild 2'

Where does Nintendo go from one of their greatest creations?

'Breath of The Wild 2'

As we all know, I am a bit of a Zelda fan, and have been for quite some time. It all began in 1992 (which is a longer time ago than I care to admit at this point!), when my dad bought A Link to The Past, but got annoyed with it and switched it off permanently. I was four years old at this point, and I started to play when he did this. However, what really hooked me in was Ocarina of Time, when my dad gave up (again!) at a particular point, my 10 year old self was introduced to the Water Temple. Instant love, despite it being that particular temple, and it steamrollered from there.

The first Zelda game I actually took on myself was Link's Awakening (the original, despite DX being out at that point), and this game has a special place in my heart. When the remake was announced I fell off my chair, and then when I saw the direction they had taken it artistically, I fell off it again. I should really watch any Nintendo announcement from the floor to save this issue, but I'm not known for learning.

However, I feel that Nintendo is doing a bit of a Disney on the remake front. So far we've had remakes of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and now Link's Awakening. You can most likely shoehorn in A Link Between Worlds as well, because that game leans heavily on A Link to The Past, to the point that if you took out any links (hur hur) between those games, you wouldn't have much of a game left.

So, as much as I'm looking forward to redoing "Eagle's Tower," and getting that Magic Rod from Turtle Rock (WHYYYYYY put the best weapon in the last dungeon???), I think Nintendo need to put the remakes to bed... well, maybe after doing a Skyward Sword without motion controls.

This brings me round to Breath of The Wild 2, as we're having to call it for now, and what I'd like to see in this game when it finally releases. Nintendo dropped this at the end of their E3 presentation, as they love to do, and all Zelda fans went predictably nuts (I cried, FYI) at this. The trailer points at a darker tone than Breath of The Wild—which wasn't the brightest game thematically, due to the mass destruction, death of Link and the Champions during the mass destruction, Zelda's struggle, etc—which is drawing comparisons to this being the Majora's Mask to BOTW's Ocarina. Not a bad thing to be compared to, and I can't wait to see if we get Twili again, due to my own theory about the music in the trailer.

The top 5 things I want to see in BOTW2:

1. A change to the weapon durability system

I have no problem with this in theory, but BOTW left a lot to be desired with how it is done. I think the three options below are viable:

  • Remove it completely, which in my opinion is the worst option of the lot. Possibly the ability to switch it on and off would be the compromise here.
  • Add the ability to upgrade weapons to indestructible. This is probably my favourite choice, as it's completely optional and would mean if you found a particular weapon you like, you can keep it forever. Personally, I'd probably play the main game as usual, but once I'm at the endgame, just upgrading armour and wandering about, why shouldn't I be allowed to have an indestructible spear, if i want one?

2. We need to talk about dungeons.

The "dungeons" in BOTW (I'm lumping in Beasts and Shrines here) were problematic for me. None of them were long enough, some of the Shrines were just pure infuriating, due to motion controls, but there were some genius ideas in there, which needs to be brought over and expanded on. The physics engine in BOTW is nothing short of awesome, in the true sense of the word, I adored how there were multiple ways to solve many puzzles. As long as BOTW2 builds on the foundations BOTW provided, I think they can bring back an aspect so many fans missed dearly.

3. Characters

The reason that Majora's Mask holds a place in so many hearts is because you actually felt involved in the world around you, solving issues and getting entries in your Bombers' Notebook. BOTW2 needs to learn from this, and bring it to a modern Zelda game. BOTW had a decent stab at making a coherant story that you felt involved with, but with a post-cataclysmic storyline the world was understandably devoid of life and much human interaction outside of Gerudo Town, Karariko, Rito Village, etc. Perfect for that setting, but I feel this game will be set after defeating the Calamity, so signs of life should be returning to this world. Additionally, the rewards for side quests need to be thought about, as most in BOTW just rewarded with rupees, which isn’t much of an incentive.

4. Monsters

We need more enemy varieties in the next Zelda, not just different colours/ strength variations on the same enemy. I had Bokoblin fatigue by the end of BOTW, and I'm sure I wasn't alone. More Lynels though, like... all the Lynels in the world.

5. Gimme Twili

I am desperate to see the Twili in Hyrule, they have such an interesting background and Twilight Princess did not finish off their arc for me at all. To me, the Sheikah tech of BOTW looked distinctly like it came from Twili origins. Even if there are no actual Twili there, I want to see more references to them. The Mirror of Twilight was in BOTW, I want more.

Admittedly, point five is more a fangirl thing, so have a bonus one.

6. Weather/ Equipment

I adored the weather system in BOTW, apart from having to sit and wait for a rainstorm to pass, whilst halfway up a cliff. Giving the player the opportunity to have some anti-rain gloves would immediately solve that issue, and before anyone says it's not realistic, you can wear a Lynel mask in that game and suddenly Lynels will think you're a tiny bipedal Lynel, so hush.

Those are my wishes for BOTW2, what are yours?

~ Kittykaze

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