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Best Type Of Live Dealer Non Gamstop Casino Games

by Mary Charli about a year ago in table top
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It has always been the case that some if not most card and table game casino players are not that found of playing software driven games online, for those games use random number generators to determine their results and whilst such games are obviously fair and random, they do not give such players what could best be described as a fully rounded gaming experience.

Over the years though, more and more casinos have ben launching a range of live dealer casino games, those being games that are being played in a land based casinos or casino studios and allow players to place bets and wagers onto those real life tables remotely, ether by using their computers or a mobile app instead.

By watching the footage fed to their computers or devices and being able to bet and play in real time and also interact with the dealers, croupiers and other players, anyone playing live dealer casino games is going to have the best possible type of gambling experience when they play such games.

If they are games that you do fancy trying out online, then simply head on over to any of my featured non Gamstop casino sites, for each of them will have their own respective live dealer gaming platforms on offer to you on which you can play plenty of different live casino card and table games.

Live Dealer Card Games

Most types of casino card games are going to be readily on offer to you if you do decide to play at any on Gamstop listed online or for that matter mobile casino sites and apps, and as such let me now quickly give you some idea of which card games will be accessible to you at such sites.

Casino poker card game players will find a range of those types of games are available, plus there will be plenty of Blackjack game variants on offer to all players at such sites too, but if you are eager to play Baccarat games instead then you will certainly be pleased to learn those are some of the other types of card games that all live dealer casino sites also have on offer too.

One thing that you will need to be aware of if you do fancy giving some live dealer and live casino games any amount of play time is that you are only going to be able to play them in a real money playing environment as not many if any casino sites will let you play such games for free, but you will find plenty of low to high stable stakes limited attached and associated to such games.

Live Casino Table Games

There are also going to be some table games on offer at any non Gamstop live casino sites, and the most popular games you can play at such sites that are table games include several different Roulette game variants.

However try and avoid playing the American Roulette live casino game, for there are going to be two zeros in play on the wheel and betting layout, one being a single zero with the other being a double zero, and that means the house edge attached and associated with that variant is 5.26%. Such live dealer casino games can be played on casinos not on Gamstop according to this website.

That house edge may not seem too high, however it will be when you compare it to the single zero European Roulette game variant which due to it having just one zero on the wheel and betting layout boasts a much more realistic and low house edge of just 2.70%.

If you only tend to bet on the red or black, high or low or odd and even betting positions on a Roulette games betting layout then the game you should be looking to play online at non Gamstop live casino sites is the French variant.

There are two variants of that game both which offer a house edge of a tiny 1.35% when you bet only on the even money paying betting locations on the betting layout, the first variants sees you getting half of your losing even money paying bets back when a zero is spun in and the other will keep those bets on the table for the next spin or until a zero isn’t spun in.

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