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Best Slot Games in Online Casino in 2019

by Susan Scava 3 years ago in arcade
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The competition in the online casino market is very tough. As new game providers enter the space, they introduce the improved development standards and practices. This contributes to the overall industry growth and quality.

Since 2008, the online gambling sector has shown steady growth in revenues. In 2018, the market value hit $45 billion. This trend is expected to persist in the future.

The three most popular types of online gambling activities are sports betting, casino games (mainly, slot machines), and poker. But, our article isn't about betting or poker. We will focus on the best online slot games of 2019, and explain why they are worth playing.

A Dark Matter

Developer: Microgaming

A Dark Matter release is scheduled for October. The action takes place in Victorian England. People disappear in the small town of Stonehurst, and you have to solve this riddle. The game offers a player to plunge into a mystical and mysterious world—the themed design and background music contribute to this.

The gameplay itself isn’t complex. The slot has five active lines and five reels. The maximum jackpot reaches $120,000. Five lines require a minimum bet of five cents—one cent per line. The maximum value of a single bet can go up to $50, which means $10 per line. A Dark Matter comes with huge multipliers—namely x1,200 for paid spins and x2,400 for free spins. Thus, you can get 60 thousand dollars from paid spins, and 120 thousand dollars from free spins. It’s impressive, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the volatility of this slot is very high.

Kingdoms Rise

Developer: Playtech

Here, we’ll talk about three games at once: Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of the Abyss, Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest, and Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury.

All three games are part of the Kingdoms Rise series. They come with a fantastic setting as their basis, but each individual game offers a unique layout. In Guardians of the Abyss, the action takes place in the deep ocean, in Forbidden Forest—in the woods, while Sands of Fury has the vast desert as their location.

Let's start with Sands of Fury. The range of possible bets is wide—from 10 cents to $1,000. The maximum single-spin multiplier is x250, which means you can earn $250,000 max.

The design features symbols of five warriors, located just above the five reels. You can earn a bonus if you locate the warrior’s wild symbol on the corresponding reel.

Another interesting bonus is the shield and swords symbol. If you hit it, you can make five re-spins, while the wild symbols will freeze.

Guardians of the Abyss features a bet range from 10 cents to $300. The game has two types of bonuses. The first one is a standard bonus for ordinary combinations (up to 1,250 coins per combination), the second is a special bonus that gives you the opportunity to get a jackpot (Epic Strike, Powerful Strike, or Daily Strike).

Forbidden Forest provides many ways to win. However, you can bet only 10 coins in a separate round. The bet's total amount is chosen by you, and ranges from 10 cents to 2,000 dollars per spin.

The final rewards in the game are high enough. It offers up to x20 payout in the case of victory. Another option to win is to hit the jackpot—there are three of them in the game.

Dead or Alive 2

Developer: NetEnt

Released in April 2019, the game is a sequel to the successful Dead or Alive slot. The second edition holds the bar high. Some even call DOAII one of the best slots ever released. What makes it so special?

The reasons for its success are quite obvious. The game is top-notch. Graphics, soundtrack, design—all elements are of high quality. When it comes to rewards, the game offers 2,000,000 coins as the maximum jackpot. Not bad, huh?

Dead or Alive 2 takes you to a classic small wild-west town. Sunset is approaching, and wooden buildings are trying to catch the last rays of the sun. Background music contributes to the atmosphere and makes you indulge in it.

For the convenience of players, NetEnt developers have used the symbols from the first edition. Thus, it is very easy for the fans to grasp the gameplay. Cowboy boots and hat, bottles of booze, the sheriff’s badge, gun, and holster—all symbols are available in the game. Wild symbols are represented by the most famous bandits of that period—Jesse James, Billy the Kid, etc.

Technically, the game offers five reels and three rows. Dead or Alive 2 has a few free spin features, namely:

  • Old Saloon—x2 and x3 multipliers, plus 5 free spins;
  • Train Heist—a new feature, which has a progressive multiplier and 5 extra spins. The payout depends on how successfully you’ve interacted with the previous feature and how many multipliers you’ve hit.

The game has gained a huge number of fans, and become a worthy edition of the cult first part. The chance of winning a big jackpot from a couple of cents will always attract new players. While the layout of the game will make them come back again and again.

There’s more to come

The slot games are an incredibly popular and profitable gambling activity. In 2019 alone, more than 100 new games have been released, and each of them has gained significant popularity with its target audience.

In 2020, the trend will persist. In order to not get lost in the variety of new games, we recommend that you trust time-tested developers like NetEnt, Playtech, or Microgaming.


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