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Best Minecraft Blocks to Use to Build Your Base

by Stephanie Edwards 4 months ago in adventure games

Choosing blocks to build with in Minecraft is important. It's even more important if you're on a SkyBlock server.

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Minecraft can be a relaxing game, but it can also be quite punishing. If you choose the wrong blocks to build your base out of, you can find your defenses breached or blown up. Worse than that, your base could even catch fire- causing you to lose everything you worked so hard to get. Minecraft SkyBlock servers are even more punishing. The name of the game is survival, and one of the best ways to survive is by picking the correct blocks to build your base from. Read on to learn what you should look for in your blocks and find out the best blocks to use on a Minecraft Skyblock Server.

What should I look for in my Minecraft blocks?

You’ll want to look for blocks that are resistant to blast (Creepers can cause a lot of damage) and fire, at the very least. You’ll also want some blocks that generally have high durability. Finally, you’ll likely want blocks that are easy to obtain- otherwise it will take far too long for you to build your base as you’ll be too busy searching for rare materials.

The main stats to consider are hardness, blast resistance, and flammability. Of course, this is all situational. If you can stop Creepers from spawning near your base (for example, by laying torches), then blast resistance may not be all that important. If there’s no lava nearby, flammability might not be that important either.

Regardless of where your base is located, you’ll want to consider how renewable the materials are. How easy will it be to obtain these blocks when you need to do repairs?

What blocks should I use to build my base?

There are a few blocks that rank highly on hardness, blast resistance, and flammability. These blocks are stone, bricks, and obsidian.

• Cobblestone

o Smooth stone

o Stone bricks

The easiest block to build with is cobblestone. It’s easy enough to find and mine cobblestone even with starting tools. You can then take that cobblestone and make it into a few different types of stone - including smooth stone or even stone bricks. Stone also has a high blast resistance, a decent hardness stat, and it is not flammable.

• Bricks

Bricks are not only pretty to look at, but also have a high blast resistance. Because of their appearance, they’re a solid choice for many kinds of buildings. They can be traded from mason villagers, making them a renewable resource. They are not as easy to get as stone, but they are still a solid choice when making your base.

• Obsidian

Ah, obsidian. Some love the look of it, some don’t. However, the hardness, blast resistance, and low flammability of obsidian can’t be questioned. The stone is obviously durable given how hard it is to collect in the first place. It’s invincible to vanilla explosions and not likely to catch fire. However, given the difficulty to collect this stone, it’s better to save it for special projects or individual rooms.


You have a several options for blocks when you’re building your base. When choosing your building material, it’s best to pick blocks with high hardness, high blast resistance, and low flammability. There are a few blocks that meet these criteria. Stone, bricks, and obsidian are all excellent building materials.

When it comes to obtaining these blocks, cobblestone is the easiest to find. Cobblestone can be made into smooth stone or stone bricks for some diversity in your building look. Bricks also have a good aesthetic to them and can be traded from a mason villager for renewability. Obsidian, if you’re able to gather it, is invincible to vanilla explosions, has a high hardness, and is unlikely to catch fire. Thanks for reading, and good luck with building your base.

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