Best Games Similar To World of Warcraft

Check out the most similar games to WoW

Best Games Similar To World of Warcraft

Games like World of Warcraft

WoW released back in november of 2004, when MMORPG’s still weren’t a thing. It quickly gained popularity as it had a unique, innovative and player-friendly system, compared to the other few MMO’s that were out there. It had major success with it’s various expansions, the greatest one being (according to most players) Wrath of the Lich King. WoW has come a long way since then and has had many changes which has set some players off and prompted them to switch to different online games. In this article, we’ll look at some of the titles in this genre which are similar to WoW and potential alternatives you could try out for yourself!

Here’s a list of some similar games to WoW


Tera online is your typical fantasy MMORPG but it has an action-based combat system and gameplay. When you play you have to manually dodge and block attacks which adds some mobility to the way you interact with enemies. It has a wide variety of races and classes to choose from and a unique and picturesque world to explore! There are seven unique races you can pick and start your adventure with - Aman, Baraka, Castanic, Elin, High Elf, Human, Popori. And a variety of different classes which include the Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Valkyrie, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer, Warrior, Reaper, Gunner, Brawler and Ninja. It’s a traditionally themed fantasy game set in a world known as Arborea. Each of the races has their own unique racial passive, which gives them an advantage in both PvP and PvE. The combat system is dynamic, which means you will have to aim some of your abilities and even dodge enemy abilities, that’s what some players look for in an MMO these days. The gameplay is fluid and seamless, which adds to the immersion and gives you a more direct and distinct experience, either while leveling through the zones or going through an epic dungeon! There is also the lore element, which takes players on an adventure they’ve never experienced before. The story itself will immerse you in the world and its many inhabitants! What makes it similar to WoW is the gameplay and some of the UI interface, its reminiscent of Vanilla WoW and the early days when everything was still new and people didn’t really know what they were doing and were just in it for the fun.

Black Desert Online

It’s a sandbox, wide open-world MMOPRG and it’s probably the most unique game on the Western Market today. It’s definitely a love or hate game, depending on the person of course, but most you’re most likely to be in one of these two sides. BDO is really hardcore and is reminiscent of the old-school Korean MMO’s of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, which were notorious for being really grindy and time-consuming. This is what may put some people off, because you can never really master everything here, you can only reach a certain level, because of the intricacies and fine details of the system. It can also be seen as a challenge for others who want to reach new heights in a new, fresh MMO! The very nature of the game suggests there is no max cap on professions or other things you can do and this can really teach you some things about economics and time management, as it relates closely to real life. Your character is quite important in this game and there is a huge variety of customization options to choose from! In fact, BDO probably has one of the most detailed and customizable character creation screen than any MMO out there. You can customize your whole body, body features such as limbs, torso and your head. Also you can tune fine details such as the shape of your nose, your eye width, eye color, eyelashes, hairstyles and much more. When we take a look at the outfits in the game we can see there is a huge variety here as well, although some of it is monetized and you have to spend real money to get it. Of course, this is just a cosmetic thing, which enhances your appearance and has no effect whatsoever on gameplay. However, there are some buy-to-win factors like Artisan memory among other things which speed up your leveling progress, which is essentially a pay to win method. Overall Black Desert Online has astonishing graphics and an expressive visual language that immerses the player in the world. You can get lost in the beauty and vast open fields or lush green forests and sparkling light-blue lakes and seas. It truly has a lot to offer in PvP as well, in the form of fast, action-based combat, which allows players fluid and rapid movement between attacks, which you can combo.

Blade & Soul

This title has seen great success in South Korea, where it quickly grew in popularity and player numbers, soon after coming to the US, Europe and other countries! It doesn’t have the typical MMO gameplay mechanics, instead it focuses on fast-paced, action based playstyle to grab its audience. It emphasizes on martial arts type of gameplay and there is water gliding and also out of combat gliding, which is like flying and is really fun to do! The aesthetic of the game is asian-themed, probably inspired by anime, and there is a lot of inspiration drawn from these cultures. The architecture is also quite characteristic of Asia and the main theme and quests are in that style as well! It’s a visually impressive game with non-disruptive movement. It doesn’t have the most high end graphics but it definitely holds its own and can actually run on some low-end PC’s as well! There is a strong single-player narrative questline, which is quite interesting while leveling through the zones and it introduces you to various characters in the lore, who you eventually take down. It has a 1v1 and 3v3 arena tag team PvP system, where you fight against other players. Skill really matters here, as there are a lot of skillshots to use and dodge enemy ones. Making adequate combos here is also important, as it could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Blade & Soul is played professionally in South Korean e-sports and is actually quite big in that scene! There are some end-game dungeons which are really interesting as some of them are composed of different levels with varying difficulty and time trial challenges, others are spaced out like labyrinths, which can be really fun for some players!

The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s a steady multiplayer online experience, with unique and lengthy questlines, it offers epic immersion in this world of dragons and cat people! There is a huge variety in content in the PvE and PvP scenes. However, there is a factor of no risk-taking, which might hold the game back a little bit and not let it realize its whole potential.The setting and story are presented in a unique and interesting way, bringing in the player and granting him power over many decisions and thus advancing the quests in different directions. It also includes one of the best (according to many players) PvP system in any MMO out there! There is an expansive and immersive world, full of beautiful and scenic landscapes, lush forests and towering mountains! The quests and intricate and very involved and can get you into the story before you even know it yourself! The decisions you make here, matter for the adventures you’ll have next, thus shaping up the world around you. The PvP might be a bit complex but the rewards it provides are more than satisfying to both beginners and seasoned players alike!

Final Fantasy XIV

This game offers a rich story narrative with interesting and well thought out dialogues, intertwined with the world, where you will experience the gorgeous and beautiful graphics, wondrous scenery and mysterious characters. The combat is based on turns, it’s also action oriented and there are some monsters that might seem familiar. It centers your avatar with the whole narrative, making you the main protagonist of almost every story. Shadowbringers, the latest expansion brings with it many new zones, development in the story and many new gameplay features. You assume the role of the Warrior of Darkness to aid the damaged lands and fight against the forces of Light. The narrative is of great importance as even the smallest quests can bring about the biggest plot twists and story developments that you might not have even expected! There is also a job system in Final Fantasy which lets you customize different party members into different roles which are specialized with either being tanks, healers or damage dealers. The great thing about your character is that almost everything the game has to offer is available to you, so you don’t need a constant change to an Alt character. On top of all the intricate questlines it also has some expansive profession gathering activities. Wether you want to try it casually or go full harcore at it, Final Fantasy XIV is definitely worth trying out and is worth every penny!


It’s set in the mysterious and magical world of Telara, in which inhabit the six elemental planes - Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Life and Death. It is designed very similarly to World of Warcraft, some would say it’s even a WoW Clone. There is a special class system called the Ascended Soul which offers four distinct but generic classes but each of them offers 10 souls or various tree skills to choose from. Players may choose 3 of these souls at the beginning, creating many interesting and different combinations. And an iconic key point to talk about here are the Rifts which are events that are dynamically and procedurally generated, The players must unite together in order to face this looming threat by slaying countless legions of these wretched monsters, which would actually further develop the areas around you and the story will evolve, as regions and narratives change, the world is ever-evolving, so to speak. All this is shaping you up to be resilient and powerful enough to face colossal world bosses in bloody, epic and glorious battles! As they say - United we stand, divided we fall! Rift offers various gameplay elements such as large scale maps, generating Rifts, which players must try and close by banding together and overcoming these crisis situations. There is a considerable amount of content to go through until you’ve reached the end game, so fear not, there is a lot to be seen and experienced! There is also an exceptional character creation panel which allows for some neat and awesome personalized character traits that suit you best! There are two skill trees, one of which is tied to your character and the other to your class, which adds even more to character uniqueness! An interesting alternative to World of Warcraft to try out, especially if you feel burned out with WoW, this would be a nice change of pace and maybe a breath of fresh air.


Released way back in 2013, this MMO title has come a long way over the years, especially loved by DnD fans (Dungeons and Dragons) and among other players who simply seek an immersive crossover fantasy experience. It’s mainly focused on its advanced combat mechanics and prides itself on the action-based abilities like those that require skill shots, dodging enemy abilities and successive combo moves that provide unique fast-paced battles! However there are things you can pay for in order to truly enjoy the experience but it’s mostly almost all cosmetic. There is a payment in order to get into higher-level content, although this is more lika an entry to an expansion if anything else. Most players are around the age of 30 to 40 which suggests that Neverwinter attracts a more grown-up crowd, which is evident in interactions between community members. This is not a traditional MMO in the sense that the world is broken up into a series of mini instances where different players inhabit, usually about 20 to 40 players at any given time. Jumping from one instance to another is usually required when meeting up with a party member, so it’s not all the time. Overall there is a great amount of end-game content and hardcore players will surely be satisfied as you can progress your character to a colossal extent. If you feel tired from playing WoW, Neverwinter is a very viable alternative solution, a drastic change of scenery, from the cartoony and stylized visuals to dark, gritty and realistic ones is surely a big leap but one worth taking!

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