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Beat Pokémon Gold & Silver with ANY Pokémon

by Chloe Gilholy about a month ago in adventure games

If YouTube can do it, than so CAN YOU!

The first generation of Pokémon games brings nostalgia to all despite the heavy bugs and glitches. Even though it is possible to beat the games with a combination of any Pokémon, there were some solo runs that are not possible to complete. When a Pokémon runs out of power points in all four moves, it will use the move Struggle. I only found this out recently, but your opponents have unlimited power points in Red, Blue and Yellow. This is one of the bugs fixed in the generation two games, Gold, Silver and Crystal. Struggle didn’t hit ghosts in the previous games, but it can now.

My boyfriend did a solo run with lots of his favourites; Ledyba, Bayleef, Bulbasaur, Chikorita to name a few. I did a Pikachu and Bellossom solo challenge and found those fun. Even managed to defeat the Elite Four in Soul Silver with just Smoochum.

There are more moves, more Pokémon and two new types available. Psychic is no longer the god it was, but it is still a great type. Because of this, it is easier to think of new balanced teams that will help you defeat the game with a team of your choice. In the last generation, it is impossible to solo the elite four with Magikarp, but it is possible in this gen with hours of grinding and planning. JRose11 on YouTube has done several solo runs. I know people have been able to solo the game with Pokémon like Ledyba, Sunkern and of course the legendary Rattata. If you are not looking to do a solo run, you’ll have a somewhat easier time.

Even if your Pokémon don’t have the best stats, it’s still possible to play the game. I’ve found the game more enjoyable playing with your favourite Pokémon. This is how the games were meant to be played. Elite Four member, Karen even has this to say when you beat her:

Use their best stats to your advantage

If I have a Blissey on my team, I can use her special bulk and high HP to my advantage. Setting her up against a physically strong Pokémon like Machamp would be asking for trouble. Using an attack move like egg bomb would only make that double. However, when it comes to special sweepers like Alakazam, Blissey could easily rain on their parade.

Don‘t underestimate status moves

Status moves can also be just as great as attacking moves. The common reliance on brute force and powerful attacks can work, but when it comes to stronger opponents, it wastes no turns setting up if you do it right. If you battle competitively status moves can be the difference between winning and losing.

Exploit coverage moves and types

Some Pokémon have a better move-pool than others. Normal types tend to have the best coverage moves type wise because a normal move can never be super effective. These games introduced a move called Hidden Power, it’s power and type depends on the user’s stats. It’s also possible for the Pokémon to have a hidden power the same as it’s own type.

Plan a move-set ahead of time

You can only use TM (technical move) moves once. There are many guides on all the TM and HM (hidden moves) available. If you struggle with written guides, YouTube has video tutorials. Luckily there are move tutors and move deleters which means you can get rid of HMs you no longer need.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to plan a move set ahead of time.

Find out your Pokémon’s hidden power moves the moment you catch it

You can use Pyspokes to figure out your Pokémon’s hidden power and if your stats are good or not. Another way of finding your Pokémon’s hidden power is attacking random Pokémon, eliminate the possibilities until you find the one.

These are some of the ways you can beat the Pokémon with a team of your choice. You may hear people say don’t use this Pokémon or don’t use a team of the same type, but I think you can choose what you like. The endless possibilities and choices and opportunities for experimental gameplay is why Pokémon is one of the bestselling franchise in the world.

Also if you have played the games you notice the attitudes in certain gym leaders compared to the Elite Four. Whitney’s miltank is infamous, but not so much her trainer who cries when she loses. The gym leader, Clair also plays up when you beat her and refuses to give you the badge. The elders have to force her to give it. Makes you wonder how they got the job in the first place. The Elite Four are gracious in defeat and you can see why they’re there.

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