'Aveyond - Rhen's Quest'

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'Aveyond - Rhen's Quest'

Just feel like helping out those who are having problems with the game called Aveyond.

P.S This is no walkthrough. It's just some comments and solutions to some of the nasty quests in the game. Things that can be solved with common sense are not included. I understand that common sense ia not very common after all - so if I've missed out anything that you have problems with you can email me anytime =)

Source: Played game & Yahoo answers

Aveyond - Rhen's Quest:

I played this game quite sometime ago. Sorry if i can't recall the names of the druids, people, places, skills and items


  1. Never EVER give the statue of Lionel to the Squirrels or you'll NEVER be able to get it back for the ELF!
  2. Preferably not to put more than one character with no mana in the battle.


  • Rhen
  • Lars
  • Elini
  • *Sun Priest* (forgotten the name)
  • Tei'jal
  • Galahad
  • *Pirate* (forgotten the name)

Characters I used:

  • Rhen
  • Lars
  • Eilini
  • Tei'jal


Not much special about this character. In the beginning of the game when you're still tied up with Shadow Woods Academy, DO NOT have your slots filled with low level spells! Try your best to sustain until level 15 or so and learn trinity fury. It is the most powerful spell of all those you can choose. After graduating, Rhen will learn her own spell as she levels.


This is one of the strong characters in the game. It is good to have him to have the skill which can regenerate his mana (can't remember the name of the skill but the symbol looks like a tornado). It's one of the early skills he can learn and it's useful. You can also get skills for Lars in magic shops in cities. After graduating from Shadow Wood Academy, you can find Lars an orb staff in the magic shop in Veldarah (south from the academy) but be sure that the orb you equip matches the skills you use.

  • Dragon Orb - Fire Spells (e.g fireball)
  • Flood Orb - Water/Ice Spells (e.g tsunami)
  • Charmed Orb (you'll need a climbing guide to get this) - 'Fairy Like' Spells (e.g healing)
  • Blood Orb - Dark Spells (e.g poison/decompose)

Blood Orb is the final orb you'll get before fighting Ahriman. It's useful in the battle between Ahriman. Just use spells like decompose (get it in the witch city), poison or chicken curse. The side effect can do much more damage than you can think. While Ahriman is under the effects of the side effects, you can switch your Lars to a supporter if there's the need.

My Lars was in the Elite Mage guild (Sedona) so I don't really know stuff about the Time guild (Thais). All I can say is being an elite mage is not a bad thing since you can get various spells that fits different orbs which doesn't makes you limit yourself in using only one orb. I switch between orbs from time to time until I get charmed orb and blood orb. To get charmed orb you'll have to choose the climbing guide as your reward of saving the druid of agriculture. You can get the Cloak of Undying Loyalty if you have a climbing guide. The best skill you can get from the Elite Mage Book is a spell that attacks the enemy party and most of the time leaves them berserk, unfortunately, I forgot the name of the spell.

Elini (Optional)

This character is a demon summoner. She doesn't have very long HP or MP, neither is she very good at fighting mobs but when it comes to bosses I'm telling you SHE OWNS (especially when you learnt Indra)! If you wanna train her up you'll have to patient with her. When you've got Rhen and Lars graduated, you can recruit Elini at the lookout point. Elini's skills consume a lot of mana therefore, make sure you have enough supplies and use her skills wisely. In some situations, enemy might be immune to her skills. Under such conditions, switch Elini to support and others attack—unless you are having Sun Priest (when he has not learned Sun fury), then you'll just have to try attacking or do something about it.

Sun Priest (Optional)

He is a priest as you can see. You can find him in the sun shrine in Aveyond. He is quite good with supporting skills:

  • Various types of shielding spells
  • Healing spells
  • Detoxing spells
  • Sun Fury*
  • Etc

He is fast, so yeah quite a lot of people chose to use him instead of Elini, but in order to use him efficiently you need to be patient as well. His skills eat up quite a lot of his mana and comparing his healing skills with Lars, Lars heals more than him - he needs A LOT of training. The most exciting thing about this character is the skill he will be able to gain when his levels are right - Sun fury. If I'm not mistaken it's the one and only attacking skill he has. It was claimed that this skill can do a very well damage to Ahriman.

Galahad (Optional)

Galahad is a good-for-nothing dude when it comes to battling but recruiting him is recommended as he affects the buildup of the story. If you refuse to let him join your team you lose a few chest boxes and *something to do with Tei'jal.* You can get him in Sedona Castle.

Tei'jal (Optional)

This character is a vampire. She does not have very good defence but her attack is super strong. To cover up her cons, her HP is quite long and though she has no mana, she has a skill that drains the enemy's HP. Although its not a very strong skill, it still comes in handy when there's an emergency. You can find her in the vampire city in Halloween Hills. You can't miss her - she's the one with red hair. In order for Tei'jal to join your party you'll need to bring her a bottle of sun lotion which is one of the choices of reward for saving the druid of darkness (if I'm not mistaken). I consider her the strongest character of the game. Also, let her wear the soul necklace which you can get in the same shop you buy the orb staff for Lars. But to make things work you'll need to bring along Galahad whom you can recruit from Sedona Castle.


This is also a character of no mana. You must recruit him as he is also a dragon rider. Without him you can't go any further in the game. When you obtained the dragon bridle, try and ride the dragon. You will fail. After, try sailing to the three small islands somewhere near there. One of the island has prisons and you will be able to find the pirate in the prison. Set him free and you can fly.

Druids' Hunt:

The first druid you should savee is the one in Harmony Temple (Lands End), followed by;

  • Druid of darkness (Dark Temple, Halloween Hills - Vampire city, Cathedral). He's the nearest druid to the one in Lands End.

Crypt Maze Answers:

  1. Vampire
  2. Werewolf
  3. Ghost
  4. Leyrvo
  • The last druid to save should be the one in Memorial Caverns (forgot the name).

** Remember to plant seeds you get in the magic garden in Lands End.

** There will be a demon whereby you need to slow him down with a magic clock which you get from climbing something you planted in the magic garden.

Recommended Rewards from the Druids:

  • Sleepy Flute
  • Dizzy Doll
  • Climbing Guide
  • Sun Lotion

Extra Reminders:

  1. Make sure you get crusher for Tei'jal and also a magician's cloak before entering the castle of Ahriman.
  2. Make sure you have enough supplies before entering Ahriman's Lair.
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