Answering the Call to Be Better

Some Ways to Be Better at 'Call of Duty'

Answering the Call to Be Better

Call of Duty is one of the most well known first person shooters out there and has one of the largest fanbases as well. That being said, there are players that are veterans and know the mechanics and the storylines of the game inside out. There are also those with, well, much to learn—to say the least. I've watched multiple gameplays of Call of Duty, have had the privilege of playing a few of the games from the series and there are few things I've managed to learn.

For starters, don't get too reckless or needlessly aggressive, and this goes for story mode and multiplayer. When you charge into battle without checking your surroundings you are guaranteed to get lit up by an opponent. It is important to take advantage of explosive, stun, flash, and smoke grenades in order to confuse and/or disorient any enemies that may be waiting around the corner, which will then give you the opportunity to attack with the proper aggression.

When in multiplayer, you have to accept that the skill levels of players will vary. With that being said, you have to accept that there will be someone capable of dropping an entire team of enemies within minutes. However, don't let this discourage you, as it takes time to climb the ranks and become the very best that no one ever was. When playing, make sure to be alert, keep your fingers ready to move and press the right buttons, and learn to think on your feet, firefights in this type of game don't last long before one stands and one falls.

Here is a life tip. Don't violently rage. Yes, there will be bad days and there will be toxic people, but don't let that get under your skin. Trust me, a random troll or a bad match is not worth breaking your $60 controller or your $99 monitor. If you have to rage then make sure to keep a stress ball or soft object in your vicinity to take your anger out on.

Take time to appreciate the storyline of the game. The developers of Call of Duty spend many hours crafting the story and it is often beautiful how it portrays the characters and settings in it. In games such as Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 and 3, the story is a continuation of the events in the last game, so the plot ties in. Don't forget to play through the story mode and see some fascinating visuals and heartbreaking events.

Get used to meeting new people when playing online. In this day and age of gaming it is so easy to connect with people across the world and make new friends. Especially, with ones such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, which allow gamers to connect, provided they are on the same platform. Not only that, learn to be a good teammate when playing. Call of Duty is a fast-paced game and as such it takes coordination and good teamwork. If you are playing with friends, learn how to make callouts and help them out when the time is right.

Try out different weapons when playing! There are lots of different guns and equipment to use, from assault rifles to SMGs, so try out different combinations and learn what works best for you. Keep in mind you can have multiple classes, or sets of weapons, that you can switch to between re-spawns. If one combination is not working, feel free to shake things up and give your opponent something else to worry about.

Never forget to use the mini map, it is effective for spotting where enemies and teammates are and gives you a good idea about where to go. I have gotten kills myself by using the mini map to identify the location of an opponent, it is a valuable tool. Speaking of tools, always remember to use kill streak awards and grenades during the game. They can help flush out opponents or even earn you more kills. There are few pleasures more satisfying than calling in a Care Drop or even getting an Airstrike. It is important to note that enemies can also use their mini map against you, so be aware when the enemy calls in a drone, airstrike, AC-130, an attack helicopter, EMP, and so. (How many kill streaks are there?)

Here's yet another tip. Make sure to practice and work on your weaker areas while playing (or even re-playing) the story mode, zombies, multiplayer, etc. This will increase your response time and quick thinking, and help you to be a formidable opponent. Don't get upset and give up because you are getting sniped every five seconds or you didn't get the 25 kills you needed to call in a nuke. Just like in Battle Royale games, make a habit to make every match a learning experience and always think about ways you could play better.

Hopefully these tips can help you to perfect your game! Good hunting!

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