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All changes to skill updates of FIFA 21

by Jannick Noah 2 years ago in rpg
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What new skill will FIFA 21 update? Let's see it.


Some of the most expected new features when a new FIFA game comes out are the skill updates, and EA has finally announced all the changes for FIFA 21.

FIFA players love skill moves because they can be used to score fantastic goals and make opponents look silly. They also present a good challenge for the era and do just what experienced players need.

The great news, of course, is that in addition to everyone we already know and love, there are three new ones that we will be adding to FIFA 21.

In addition to the new options, EA has also increased the number of certain types you can chain without penalty, full access improvements, and the ability to cancel certain types.

It's just under a month until the launch of FIFA 21, the newest game in EA's popular FIFA game series, but now all eyes will be on the announcement of the player ratings for the Ultimate Team game mode. .

The Ultimate Team game mode is very popular with FIFA players as it allows players to create their own clubs with their own unique style and create a custom team of players. EA recently announced that the Modus has created more than 13 million clubs.

Every year, Ultimate Team's player ratings are updated based on skill changes, recent performances and player transfers. This won't be any different for FIFA 21. The Manchester United team are likely to make several player qualification changes for FUT 21, with some promising young players in attendance as players and signings.

New skills in FIFA 21

As mentioned, there are three new skill moves this fall that will give us new ways to show off our skills and put opponents to shame on the field.

All of these are listed below along with the necessary keyboard shortcuts, although you're not ready to practice syncing just yet.

Forward and fine turn (RS back + RS back)

Pull to the heel (L1 / LB + RS back, then RS left / right)

Ball Roll Fake Turn (hold L2 / LT + RS forward, then RS left / right)

Along with the new options, EA has also reduced the penalty and error for chaining skill moves. Singles still don't carry the risk of penalties if you don't run them in quick succession. Now you can safely test up to 6 normal moves in a row, much more than the limit of 3 in FIFA 20.

The number of complex abilities like Elastico, Drag Back, and La Croquetta that you can chain without the ball running away has also increased to three instead of just two.

This changes if you mix up the difficulty levels of the moves you are doing, allowing you to chain up to six normals. However, if you add a complex one, it no longer applies.

Full Access Skill Moves

Now you can also perform more skills in "simple mode" with the right stick. However, its effectiveness depends directly on the evaluation and attributes of the skills. This means that players with lower ratings will run slower and more error-prone versions. These include:

Low skill roulette

Low skill heel to heel

Low skill feint and exit

Stopping and turning with little skill

Drag back with little skill

Simple rainbow with low skills

Lastly, some skills can now be dropped entirely, whether things aren't going your way or you want to play 4D chess with your opponent. In both cases, hitting (L2 / LT + R2 / RT) will stop false shots, three-touch roulette, spins, spins, and paddles.

While it's nice to see one of our favorite mechanics get a good look from EA ahead of FIFA 21's release date of October 6 this fall, there are still plenty of details we're waiting for news.

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