A Guide to Starting 'Neoquest'

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A Guide to Starting 'Neoquest'

I was very confused when I first started playing NeoQuest, but I heard there is a trophy involved for completing it... so I gave it my best shot. I have learned a lot since then and now I want to help others with this super simple intro guide. I mean let's be honest here, the first time you try NeoQuest... it's more than a little confusing. However, once you get past through this tutorial I have set up for you, you are free to embark on their own adventure! I hope this helps.

Picking Your Power

You are free to pick whichever you want, you can even change your mind later if you really want. I chose fire and it turned out not to be very useful later in the game. If I started again, I would pick the Life Weapon.

Switch to Hunting Mode

There are three modes: Sneaking, Normal and Hunting. You are way more likely to run into monsters while you are in Hunting mode and way less likely when you are in Sneaking mode.

  • While you are training, 'Hunting Mode' is recommended.

Go to the Training Spot

Just right of your starting point, there is a designated place for training and getting your first few level increases.

Fight Snow Imps and Fire Imps

What you will fight for your first few levels are Imps. They will drop small potions that you can collect for later in the game.

Be careful not to die!

If you lose all your health you will be brought back to the starting point...but you will also lose a good chunk of experience for leveling. While I do love having unlimited lives...losing that progress is not worth skipping the walk to Boris the healer.

Don't forget, you can always go back and get healed.

You can always get healed back to full health for free anytime you visit Boraxis the Healer in Neopia City (AKA, your starter spot).

I'll be honest it took me a while to figure out that you do this. To talk to Boraxis you have to walk over the top-left collection of buildings and then a message will pop up under your controls. The message will read "Talk to Boraxis the Healer." Click on that tiny blue text and you will be healed automatically with a little message from Boraxis.

In fact, there are a few people you can talk to here.

Morax Dorangis is a young armour smith. You can get your first armour from him.

Choras Tillie is a master armour smith. You can get stronger armour from him later in the game.

Lummock Sendent will make you a new wand if you bring materials. If you want to switch from Fire Magic to Life Magic (or something like that), this is the place you can do it while you are still early in the game.

Boraxis the Healer...well, you already know about him. He heals you.

There is one more person to talk to in Neopia City...

Eleus Batrin is a great guide to where you can travel to. He has a lot of plot information and just some generally good info about the game. If you are looking for more information. You can go to him at any time.

  • Later in the game, you can come to him to upgrade your weapon...but that is only after you beat the boss in Dank Caves.

Level Up and Collect Potions!

It is recommended to stay in the training area until you are at least level five. If you would like to explore before that, bring potions and keep in mind that the further you stray away from home base...the stronger the monsters get.

Spend Your Skill Points

The first point in every category gives the most effect. So it's not a bad idea to level it out a bit.

Here are some quick navigation tips!

  • You can click on a button multiple times and your character will take that many steps
  • You can move through and past some objects including trees, hills, chairs, and desks.
  • But...you can't move past other objects including mountains, pillars, and water.

Find Bigger Monsters to Fight

Good Luck and Have Fun! :)

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