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A Classic in its Own Right

by Shannon Norman 5 months ago in nintendo

Animal Crossing New Horizons

A Classic in its Own Right
Something for everyone.

We are all aware of the large spectrum of games available to the public. On one hand, we have our hardcore gamers who live for the Souls series and frequent the FG community to participate in FighterZ or MVC3. Then there are the more calming, sandbox games such as Minecraft and, of course, Animal Crossing. AC premiered back in 2001 on the Nintendo 64 in Japan. Now, in 2020, Nintendo released New Horizons in March with amazing reception, surpassing Nintendo's lifetime sales predictions within the first 11 days. As a veteran AC player, I am not suprised in the slightest.

Sitting with my best friend, Margie.

The basis is being given a deserted islang getaway package by Tom Nook and his racoon boys, Timmy and Tommy. There are already three animal villagers on the island when you arrive, and that is where the magic begins. Starting with finding them space for their tents, then eventually trying to get a music idol on the island, you go right to work harvesting and crafting within your home and on the island. The story is short and sweet, leaving you to your own devices to create and recreate new layouts until your heart's content. I even gave my young niece a chance to create a waterfall two cliffs high, though her favorite part of the game was buying new clothes and creating patterns.

Unicorn Waterfall area by my niece and me!

Finally reaching my first 5-star layout!

So, there is no right or wrong way to play the game. In the end, we all want that 5-star rating, one of the top achievements in game. There are other major things to do, like getting a high rating from the Happy Home Academy, based on your home's design, paying off all your many rounds of debt of bells(AC currency) to get the max amount of rooms/cosmetic options for your home, and filling up the museum with fossils, insects, fish, and art through donations. The list goes on, so this game is for those who like the creative freedom and are in it for the long haul. There is the option of timeskipping to speed up the process in-game (although I personally do not), how you play the game you purchased is up to you.

My new foodie area!

Secret picnic area!

This game does a great job with immersion, allowing the player to interact with NPCs through reactions learned from them. They also give you items, out of the kindness of their heart or as an exchange for an item you give them (sometimes bells, too). You can become best friends with many of your villagers, although some eventually leave or can be replaced with aniamls visiting your island's campsite. My best friend, Louie, moved away a couple of weeks ago and I actually miss seeing him around. There is also the initially cold Sable from the Able Sisters clothing store. After saying hello to her for about two weeks and buying something every day, she starts opens up, talking about their past. Along with the lore, she give you beautiful and bright patterns to use for customizing furniture. It is worth interacting with everyone you meet, and they all leave a lasting impreession.

A joyful, but shy Sable.

I will defintely leave you with a couple of tips that will benefit you in the long run. I created an outdoor workshop where I leave bundles of crafting supplies along with a workbench near my Nook's Cranny. This way I can produce a bunch of hot items of the day, increasing my bells and productivity for the day. The only tedious thing about it is having to restock all of the supplies, though I usually have some in my home storage I can run over before I log out. Also, do NOT forget to sign-in at the Nook Miles ATM EVERY DAY. After 7 days, you get 300 bonus miles every consecutive day you visit the ATM in the Residents Service Center.

Another couple of things would be shake trees from the front with a net in hand, that way if a wasp's nest drops, you will not get stung if you hit A right away. If you prefer to use an axe since a stone axe is weaker (and only have so much on-hand inventory), you will be able to chop 2 pieces of varying wood without taking down the whole tree, leaving just a stump.

Designated workshop!

I will definitly create another article with more tips and tricks, as I am still learning something new everyday. Also, updates on my island's botanical garden, boardwalk, even some shots of my museum so far! This new addition to AC is absolutely beautiful and has become a permanent part of my quarantine routine.

Night fishing!

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Shannon Norman
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