6 Anime That Desperately Need New Games

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Surprise It's Not Another Dragon Ball Game !

6 Anime That Desperately Need New Games

Anime seems to grow more and more year in and year out, garnering fans from all corners of the world. With popularity skyrocketing anime has started to affect different entertainment markets in big ways. We now have big budget big screen movie releases like Dragon Ball Super: Broly and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Original Soundtracks for anime are gaining big followings from shows on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services and most importantly the most popular anime are getting video game adaptations which is perfect. When you think about all the fun power fantasy scenarios, they truly translate perfect into games (when done right).

So in this list I'm gonna look at what seven anime I feel deserve a game in the near future. Now a few rules first, most of the anime on this list have at one point in time gotten their own game but it was either a disappointing, mediocre, a flat out bad game, or it's been years since it was released. Also I am avoiding anime that have a high chance of getting a new game sometime soon so no Naruto, Dragon Ball, or One Piece.

6. Black Clover

Black Clover is for sure a interesting case for this list. When the show first aired back in 2017 after about thirty or so episodes accused the show of being a generic battle Shonen that had nothing too different to offer. No characters really stood out and Asta, the main character, seemed to not have the charm of other Shonen protagonists. He was quickly deemed as too loud and flat out annoying but overtime he has grown on our little anime hearts as one of the new bright young stars in Shonen Jump.

Black Clover has had one major game release in the form of Black Clover Quartet Knights which was received rather well by the seemingly few thousand or so that played it. The game was marketed downright bad as few people even knew it existed until days after its release and to add to that it was a PlayStation 4 exclusive. So failed marketing and the lack of multi-platform support lead to this game to fail which is disappointing but it happens. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying seeing Black Clover get another fair shot at a game in the near future.

5. Haikyu!

Alright I know, a sports anime seems like a bit of a weird choice since most anime games are action based but hear me out. Haaikyu certainly would be a different spin on what the norm is for a anime game. Most of these games are 3-D brawlers quickly made to take advantage of hype and don't have much depth at least in comparison to more traditional fighting games. This is where I think Haaikyu can come in and succeed if done right.

Without a doubt in my mind Haaikyu has garnered a mass number of fans. Off this sentiment alone this game would do numbers but there is also a market for a volleyball game. There isn't really a popular one that exists at the moment and even though this wouldn't be a simulation style that may be to it's benefit. Also with the announcement of Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions, this does not seem too far fetched.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul video games like their anime counterpart have had a strange lifespan. There have been ups and downs but for sure more downs and that's a disappointing thing to think about. Tokyo Ghoul's best game representation is probably in the form of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War and that's a mobile gotcha game...…nothing else really needs to be said.

Now even though many see this anime adaptation as a failure this does not have to be the same fate for a future game title.

3. Bleach

So after years and years of rumor mills and twitter pranks, Bleach finally has been announced to make it's great return. Fans were left with a bitter taste in their mouth when Bleach didn't adapt the manga's final arc but thankfully all of that is changing in the near future.

Anime is art but it's also business and this for sure was taken into account when higher ups were in talks about Bleach's return. The anime returning means obviously a spike in Bleach's numbers, manga sales, merchandise sales, and creates a open lane for a new game. A Bleach game hasn't hit shelves on consoles at least in years, and of course I would want a well polished game but it would no doubt be a cash job for the name and Bleach brand.

2. Hunter X Hunter

Not many anime have as may interesting stand outs as Hunter X Hunter. While the mass amount of character's in the amazing hunter x hunter don't get flushed out to my personal liking I still see all over social media how many people kindle and love characters outside of the shows main cast. In my opinion pieces of fiction that can do this well do come by often.

With so many loved characters and Hunter X Hunter seemingly on forever hiatus because of Togashi's unfortunate health status, a game would be the perfect opportunity to show fans still have great love and interest in this story and allow us to interact with Hunter X Hunter's amazing world an characters more hands on.

1. JOJO'S Bizarre Adventure

WHY IN GOD'S NAME HAVE WE YET TO GET A BIG BUDGET TRIPLE A JOJOS BIZARRE ADVENTURE GAME??? If you know anime, and I hope you do if you've gotten this far, you know that Jojo's is one of the most popular fictional properties of all time. So it makes NO sense that it hasn't gotten a proper flushed out 2-D fighter like it once did way back when.

Yes it has gotten recent titles but those are mediocre at BEST when compared to the solid 2-D fighter Capcom put out a few years ago. Capcom or any company capable would be insane not to capitalize of this properties success and who knows if done right it could be the next big anime fighter like Dragon Ball Fighterz.

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