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5 Things I Hate/Love in Pokemon Sword/Shield

by Chloe Gilholy 2 years ago in adventure games

Gotta Catch Them All!

Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for a few months ago and Nintendo Direct has recently announced expansion passes. The choice to not include all pokemon in proved to be contraversial but it's not impacted the success of pokemon as a franchise. With the expansions announced, people are hoping that they're favourite pokemon are going to be included in the new games. I recently wrote an article about five things I love and hate about Pokemon Let's Go and I thought it would be perfect to write one for Sword and Shield as well. These are all my personal opinion and inspired by my perferences.

I've managed to pick five things that I both love and hate about the games. Even though I enjoyed the games, but I don't think that Gen 8 is the best with reason I will discuss more in the article.

Dislike: Infereior final forms

Some of the new pokemon are great, but I've found in a lot of designs, I've actually preferes the pre-evolutions more than the final forms. For example, Boltund is cool, but I think Yamper is a lot more adorable. Raboot looks more badass than Cinderace. Gossifleur is cuter than Eldegoss and I think it has a more unique design. Eldegoss is cool, but it looks like a crossbreed between Roselia and Jumpluff. There's videos on youtube telling you not to evolve Galarian Corsola and Galarian Mr Mime.

Like: Unique typings

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced some very unique types. Grass/Dragon for Flapple and Appletun. I find the concepts behind a dragon inside an apple and apple pie to be interesting and cute. There's dark and fairy for Grimmsnarl line which I think it's cool to see as it beats the stereotype of fairy pokemon being cute. Poison/Fairy for Galarian Weezing is a surprise too.

Dislike: Lackluster soundtrack

One of my favourite thing about the pokemon games, especially the earlier games is the soundtracks. The battles sound intense and it helped me really concentrate and be in sync of what's going on. I find the soundtrack in Sword/Shield to be lackluster and forgettable. In the earlier games each town you went to had a unique theme that was catchy, but I can't remember any Sword/Shield tunes off by heart other than the wild theme.

Like: Camping

Camping is a new mechanic featured into this game. I like how fluid some of the animations are and it's nice to actually see your pokemon play together and have fun. I also find the cooking option to be a unique novelty feature. Some of the curries they make in the game sound interesting like the sweet cheese curry, but others sound disgusting like bitter apple curry. It's fun to experiment and see if you can get all the curry dexes but I don't think many players will do this.

Dislike: Amazing features left behind

I was disapointed that a lot of features in the previous generations were not included in Sword and Shield. The Kalos games introduced a really great mechanic known as Mega Evolution and Super Training which made EV training a lot more fun. The GB sounds in Heart Gold and Soul Silver would have been a nice touch. Having a pokemon follow you would have been really good too as it worked great in Let's Go. I miss these a lot, so I do find myself playing the older games.

Like: Some Of The New Pokemon

I like the starters because they're quite cute. I wish I went with Grookey in the end because I think it's final form Rillaboom is amazing with his big leafy hair and his drums. Another pokemon that I love is Alcremie and how she comes in many flavours. I've got a matcha cream one in my team and since I love Matcha I fell in love with Alcreamie's concept straight away. I'm fond of Coalossal because it has a cute face and a strong looking body. I also like how it's shiny form's colour is a lot like the normal herracross.

Dislike: Connection issues with the battle raids

I love the battle raids and it's an amazing feature but the constant connection issues and issues playing with others is a huge downfall. I hope it's something they can fix because it's a shame that I can't join as many battle raids as I would have liked to.

Like: Cool glitches

I do think Sword/Shield have some cool glitches which can help power up your pokemon with the pokejobs feature even quicker. I often use this to EV train my pokemon.

Dislike: Cutting a lot of pokemon out

A lot of my favourite pokemon made it through to the final cut, but some did not. I sympathise with many other pokemon fans who had worked hard on raising their teams in other games, but are unable to transfer it to the new generations. I hope that this will change with the expansion pack, updates and Pokemon Home coming out this year.

Like: Raid battles

Once you get past the connection problems and actually manage to join a raid, it's well worth it. I think it's great that trainers get together and battle strong pokemon and are able to catch it. It's useful for catching version exclusives. I don't like how only type match ups seem to matter, but other than that I love the raid battles because even if you don't catch the pokemon you get some brilliant prizes.

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