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Why does air pollution increases in winter?

Air pollution

By Parveen Baloch Published about a month ago 3 min read

Have you ever got stuck on the road due to smog in winter? Have you ever thought, why do we face this problem in winter but not in summer? The life become miserable when smog covers the atmosphere everywhere in winter. But why this happens? Is this due to burning stubble, festive season or another reason? Well, whatever the reason is, but the fact is that this happens due to air pollution, and we are the main the contributor to air pollution whether it's winter or summer.

According to reports, around 10% of people die every year due to air pollution. The most polluted country of the world is Bangladesh. Pakistan stands on second and India on third position. But how the air pollution is measured? Normally, The air pollution is measured through AQI means "Air Quality Index". The AQI is measured by 8 pollutants, but among all the most important ones are PM 10 and PM 2.5. The particles which are less than 10 micrometers are called PM 10 and the particles which less than 2.5 micrometer are called PM 2.5.

These particles are so small that when we breathe, they enter in our breathing canal effects lungs, due to which several respiratory and heart diseases arise. Inhaling these particles are as harmful as smoking 40 cigarettes in a day. So this is a serious concern, and it should get attention to be solved.

Why the air pollution increases in winter

The cold air moves slower than warm air. It is a basic science. So, in winter as the air becomes cold therefore its movements get slower and the leftover work is done by fog. When the dust particles combine with the fog's moisture particles. They remain suspended in the air for a longer period of time, forming the smog. There are 4 major reason behind the trapped particles of air causing air pollution.

1. Emissions of industries

The biggest reason behind air pollution is the emission of pollutants from industries. As the number of industries are increasing according to population and demands, the percentage of air pollution is also rising rapidly. According to reports, industries contribute around 40% in causing air pollution throughout the world.

2. Vehicle's

The second-biggest reason behind air pollution is vehicles. The increased number of vehicles such as buses, cars and airplanes is increased the pollution of air. According to reports, vehicle contributes around 27 % to air pollution.

3. Stubble burning

The stubble burning is also one of the reason behind air pollution. Nowadays, they are being used in making various products due to which the chance of air pollution is overcome. But the contribution of stubble is around 17 % to air pollution.

4. Cooking

Still in some areas such as in villages domestic cooking is done by using wood and coal. This is also one of the reason behind air pollution. Cooking contribute to air pollution which has to be overcome. This lifestyle can be changed by motivating people to use LPG instead of wood and coal. This will definitely be a huge help.

The government is taken several steps in reducing the quantity of air pollution, but this issue needs to be addressed in individual level as well. We must contribute in controlling the air pollution by following some simple steps such as in place of using our private vehicles, we should consider public transportation, this will reduce the number of vehicles on the road and will help in controlling the air pollution. An electric car is also a good option if someone is uncomfortable with public transportation. Instead of Petroleum and diesel, using green fuels is also one of a better option that can help in reducing air pollution. Not only this, but there are thousands of reasons that are responsible for air pollution.


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