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Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

A mosquito can inhale about 2 to 3 times its own blood

By conant abramPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In addition to the heat of summer nights, perhaps the biggest headache is the mosquitoes that fly around above our heads. This group of small things will take advantage of our sleep to land on our body, a full meal, and then fly away. Mosquitoes are very large, a mosquito can inhale about 2 to 3 times its blood, for them, it is a hearty meal, but for us, it is a painful and itchy bag. Perhaps, mosquitoes also know that what they do is not very honorable, so they often act at night. But, at night everywhere is dark, mosquitoes are how to find their meal it?

Mosquitoes can also be like many animals to find prey through the sense of smell. They can find nectar through the scent of flowers, but also through our exhaled carbon dioxide and body odor emitted, landing on our body accurately. In the tentacles of mosquitoes have tentacles they can sense carbon dioxide, which can detect carbon dioxide gas within a 15 square meter radius. You sleep when exhaling carbon dioxide in the mosquitoes seems to be in the launch of signals to them, telling them your location. In addition, mosquitoes can also be tentacles to identify the smell of lactic acid. Because we have done strenuous exercise that will produce a lot of lactic acids, people who exercise will be more favored by mosquitoes.

Darkness is not a problem for mosquitoes, the real problem is the sound they make in flight. Because the frequency of mosquito wing vibration is in the range of people's hearing, so people can completely listen to the sound to eliminate these blood thieves. Since there is no way to be a quiet thief, then, mosquitoes why risk their lives to suck blood?

Male mosquitoes' food usually plants nectar and fruit, stems, and leaves of juice, they do not suck blood. Only female mosquitoes are the real blood-sucking bandits. Moreover, female mosquitoes will only risk their lives when they want to lay eggs to suck human blood. Because at this time, they need some special protein so that the eggs are discharged smoothly, and blood is the best tonic. To the next generation, the female mosquito is a great risk, because the human body in the blood vessels occupies less than 5% of the total area, so the mosquito is not always accurate to their mouthparts to the blood vessels, it may need to try more than a few times, in the process, it may die at any time under the palm of people's hands. Sometimes, to pass through the gap, the mosquito will put away its wings and take the crawling way through the door or window. Perhaps because the mosquito's legs are too long, crawling up is very laborious, especially after a good meal, and dragging a bulging belly is difficult, so the mosquito will rarely take the crawling way.

Although mosquitoes have a very touching reason to suck blood, we can not, therefore, indulge them, because sometimes the mosquito bite, bringing not only making their own painful and itchy buns but also may be infected with a terrible disease. Because the host of mosquitoes is very wide, in addition to people and animals, those diseases can be transmitted through the blood easily through the mouthparts of mosquitoes and spread, we are in these mosquito bites, there may be suffering from the disease. By mosquito-borne diseases up to more than 80 kinds, such as epidemic B encephalitis, dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, malaria, satyriasis, black fever, etc. Therefore, we must do everything possible to avoid the bite of mosquitoes.


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