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Why cats are so weird.


By TshepisoPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Why cats are so weird.
Photo by The Lucky Neko on Unsplash

Why do cats try this?

they are lovely, they're cute,

and judging by the 26 billions perspectives of over 2 million YouTube films

of them pouncing,







and purring,

one issue is certain:

cats are very interesting.

those relatively unusual feline behaviors,

both fun and baffling,

leave many of us asking, "Why do cats try this?"

for the duration of time, cats were concurrently solitary predators of smaller animals

and prey for larger carnivores.

As both predator and prey,

survival of their species trusted essential instinctual behaviors

which we nonetheless study in wild and domestic cats today.

whilst the pussycat movements of your house cat Grizmo would possibly seem perplexing,

inside the wild, these equal behaviors,

naturally bred into cats for millions of years,

would make Grizmo a top notch cat.

Enabled with the aid of their specific muscular shape and eager balancing abilties,

cats climbed to high vantage points to survey their territory

and spot prey within the wild.

Grizmo would not need those specific talents to locate and search out dinner

in her meals bowl nowadays,

but instinctually, viewing the dwelling room from the top of the bookcase

is precisely what she has developed to do.

As wild predators, cats are opportunistic and hunt on every occasion prey is to be had.

due to the fact that most cat prey are small,

cats inside the wild needed to consume in many instances each day,

and use a stalk, pounce, kill, eat approach to live fed.

this is why Grizmo prefers to chase and pounce on little toys

and consume small meals over the path of the day and night time.

additionally, small prey generally tend to hide in tiny areas of their herbal environments,

so one reason behind Grizmo's propensity to reach into packing containers and openings

is that she is pressured via the equal interest

that helped ensure the continuation of her species for hundreds of thousands of years earlier than.

in the wild, cats wanted sharp claws for mountain climbing, searching, and self-defense.

polishing their claws on close by surfaces stored them conditioned and ready,

helped stretch their returned and leg muscle tissues,

and relieve a few pressure, too.

So, it is no longer that Grizmo hates your sofa,





and everything else you put in her environment.

She's ripping these things to shreds and retaining her claws in tip-pinnacle form

due to the fact that is exactly what her ancestors did in order to live to tell the tale.

As animals that had been preyed upon,

cats evolved to not get stuck,

and inside the wild, the cats that have been the fine at fending off predators thrived.

So at your private home these days,

Grizmo is an professional at squeezing into small areas

and seeking out and hiding in unconventional spots.

It also explains why she prefers a easy and scent-unfastened muddle box.

this is less probable to offer away her location to any predators

that can be sniffing around nearby.

considering everything we do realize about cats,

it appears that evidently one in every of their maximum predominate behaviors

continues to be one of the most mysterious.

Cats can also purr for any wide variety of motives,

together with happiness,


and hunger.

but apparently, the frequency in their purrs,

among 25 and 150 hertz,

is inside a variety that may sell tissue regeneration.

So even as her purring makes Grizmo an amazing nap companion,

it is also viable that her purr is recovery her muscular tissues and bones,

and maybe even yours, too.

They evolved through time

as each solitary predators that hunted and killed to devour,

and stealthy prey that concealed and escaped to live to tell the tale.

So cats nowadays retain most of the identical instincts

that allowed them to thrive within the wild for tens of millions of years.

This explains some of their seemingly extraordinary behaviors.

To them, our homes are their jungles.

however if that is the case, in our very own cat's eyes,

who're we?

big, dumb, hairless cats competing with them for assets?

terribly stupid predators they're capable of outsmart every day?

Or perhaps they assume we are the prey.


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