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What it means to have HIV

What it means to have HIV

By HlamulaniPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
What it means to have HIV
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Your take a look at results have come back and it shows which you've been inflamed with the HIV sickness.

humans living with HIV can lead lengthy and healthy lives.

HIV is a practicable illness with day by day medicinal drug, you could nonetheless have relationships, have intercourse, have children, work, play game, pass fishing and searching.

You simply want to trade the way you do some matters to ensure you and your people live secure and healthy.

right now you can feel taken aback, worried or indignant... this is okay.

perhaps you have got a few questions you need to ask.

what is HIV inside the immune machine?

Your body has an immune device which protects you from contamination.

it is made from special cells to your blood which fight contamination and contamination and hold you well.

HIV is a tiny virus, while it gets into your blood it uses your immune cells to multiply.

over time it damages your immune cells so that they can not combat off infections.

when the immune cells are damaged via HIV they end up vulnerable and cannot protect you from infection, so you will get sick and you could even die.

there's no cure for HIV but there are robust drugs that prevent HIV from multiplying.

This facilitates your immune system get more potent, so it can hold you healthful.

You ought to take the medicine every day, while a doctor takes a blood take a look at they can measure how tons HIV is in your blood.

that is called viral load.

the medication can stop almost all the HIV from multiplying, which means that over the years there's less and much less HIV in your blood.

by means of taking the medicines each day, there will ultimately be this type of small quantity of HIV in your blood, the doctor will now not be capable of hit upon it with a blood check.

this is called undetectable. that is what we want to occur.

HIV by no means absolutely is going away, however in case you maintain it at an undetectable degree, your immune system will develop stronger.

you will live nicely and you may no longer skip on HIV to a person else when you have unprotected intercourse.

till you're positive HIV is undetectable for your blood, the usage of condoms for sex is the safest way to make certain you might not skip HIV to a person else.

How is HIV unfold?

HIV is located in blood, semen or cum, vaginal fluid, anal fluid and breast milk.

it's far unfold when those body fluids are exceeded into another character's frame.

The maximum common manner it's spread is via having vaginal or anal sex with out a condom, or sharing drug injecting gadget like syringes, needles, spoons and tourniquets.

A girl with HIV can provide it to a baby all through pregnancy, delivery or all through breastfeeding.

Now you have HIV these are also the methods you could spread it to others.

approaches to prevent spreading HIV

Taking your HIV medicinal drug each day will help the virus come to be undetectable.

till you're certain HIV is undetectable in your blood, using condoms for sex with either a man or a lady, is the safest manner to make sure you might not bypass HIV to someone else.

don't proportion any needles, syringes and different injecting system if the use of drugs.

speak for your physician or hospital nurse when you have a infant or are taking into consideration having a toddler.

do not proportion toothbrushes, razors or ceremonial tools.

those can every so often have blood on them too.

ok, i get I need to use condoms, now not percentage needles and syringes or other things which can have blood on them, and that taking my remedy can lessen the amount of HIV in my body.

What else is safe?

nearly everything else is safe. you can shake hands, hug, kiss, percentage a drink, meals, and a smoke.

Use the same rest room and lavatory, and sneezing, coughing and mosquito bites cannot unfold HIV.

Who needs to realize i've HIV?

well your medical doctor or nurse will ask you about who you can have had dangerous intercourse with, or when you have shared injecting system with absolutely everyone.

So those people can also get examined and treated if essential.

don't worry, we're going to keep your details exclusive from them, and their information personal as well.

simplest scientific and medical experts, who treat you will need to know.

other workforce inside the sanatorium will not be informed.

Any sexual companions will want to understand.

They can also take strong drugs to lower the threat of getting HIV.

this is referred to as Prep.

it is up to you whether you tell other own family and pals.

it's quality if it is a person you trust that won't spread the information of your HIV round. Having a person you agree with, that you can speak to can be a huge help.

What do I do now?

The maximum crucial issue is you want to take your medicine every day as prescribed by way of your physician, stay in touch along with your physician or nurse, to monitor your immune system and the quantity of HIV in your frame.

subsequent, you need to stay healthful, devour properly, exercise, try to reduce returned consuming grog, taking any capsules, or even forestall all collectively.

you are not on my own.

Many human beings live lengthy and healthful lives with HIV, so long as they comply with their medical doctor's recommendation.

Your scientific and medical experts are there to help and answer any questions and give you the satisfactory care possible.


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