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What is the importance of Rhinoceros in our planet?

Importance of Rhinoceros

By Parveen Baloch Published 2 months ago 3 min read

As we all know that every creature existence has a purpose in life. Among all creatures, there are some species whose extinction can affect the balance of ecosystem. As they have no interaction with human in daily life that's why most of us don't know even what there importance is? How their survival has contributed too much in this ecosystem. Due to lack of education these species survival is being threaten or endangered. These types of species are called keystone species, and Rhinos is obviously one of them.

Rhinoceros is considered one of the biggest mammal of the world. After African bush elephant and Asian elephant, the white rhinoceros is considered the world's third-biggest mammal. The weight of a white rhinos can be up to 1600 kg. The population of rhinos is decreasing rapidly. There are total, 27000 rhinos left in the world, and according to reports, the two species of rhinos are being extinct soon. The first species is Javan rhinos whose 64 species are left in the world, and the second species is Sumatran rhinos whose 80 members are only left in the world. But why the population of rhinos is decreasing, and what is the importance of rhinos in our planet?

Rhinos are divided into different species according to their size weight and living places. The smallest species of rhinos is Sumatran rhinos and the largest rhinos is the white rhinos. Let's have a look how rhinos contribute to the environment.

1. Rhinos maintain food flow

Of many plant and animals, specie's existence depends on rhinos' population. Because studies have found, that when a rhino eat grass in a particular area, the chance of growing grass in that area increases which is a benefit for all those animals which are depended on plants for their food, such as wild buffalo, zebra, elephant and other herbivores animals.

2. Rhinos provide shelter for other creatures

Rhinos like to relax in muddy holes, due to this habit, they make the ponds deeper in width and size. And also when they walk, their foot impressions make small holes which later become home for other small creatures.

3. Rhinos poop is food for insects

Rhinos eat around 50 kg of vegetation every day and give up to 20 kg of poop. The poop of rhinos contains essential mineral which are the important source of soil fertility and helps in plants growth.

Reason behind Rhinos' population decrease

In the past few decades, due to human activities, many species of rhinos are in danger of extinction. All the species of rhinos in nature are either vulnerable or endangered worldwide. There are 2 main reasons behind the rapid decrease in the population of rhinos. The reasons one is habitat lose. Industries and cities are being developed due to which forest are getting smaller. The habitat lose is the biggest reason behind all species of animals extinction, because they suffer from this. And the second reason is poaching. Poaching means illegal trafficking or killing of animals. Rhinos are being used for amusement and Killed for various purposes like their horns are used for making showpiece and in medical purposes. But according to science, the rhinos horns have no medicinal use. The horns of rhinos are only made up of keratin, which makes our hair and nails. It means there is nothing special in rhinos horns.

Now, what can we do to save the species of rhinos from extinction? Personally, We should spread awareness about the importance of rhinos to as many people as possible, and we should avoid using the medicine and showpiece which are made from rhinos horns.


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