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The strange mystery of the car drifting up the hill by itself

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of a car not running but still being pulled up a hill? It is the famous Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. Let's explore the phenomenon, as well as the experiences of going there to explore!

By Culture DiscoveryPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Hill named 'Magnet' in India: Cars with the engine turned off can still go uphill on their own

When stopping the car at the exact mark on the magnet hill, visitors will see a strange phenomenon occur. At that time, even though the car had turned off the engine, it still went uphill at a speed of about 15 - 20 km/h.

Located away from Leh city on the Leh-Kargil national highway in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. India, about 30 km away, is a strange hill that goes against the laws of physics. This is a place that has caused a stir for a long time because of a strange phenomenon, also known simply as "magnet hill".

It's not difficult to find your way to the hill. This location is located at an altitude of 4200 m above sea level, welcoming guests with a sign with curious content: "Magnetic Hill - The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity" (Magnet Hill - phenomenon that defies gravity).

The strange thing about the hill is that, as long as the driver stops the car at the mark at the foot of the slope and turns off the engine, the car will still automatically move to the top of the slope at a speed of about 15 - 20 km/h.

Not only famous for its strangeness, the hill is also a pointtourism attracts tourists in the valley, while also becoming the perfect stopping point for tired riders traveling on the highway.

In the past, local people still believed that there was a road leading to heaven. But only those who are worthy will go straight onto the path. And conversely, unworthy people will never be found no matter how hard they try.

Also because of the reputation of the magnetic hill, Indian Air Force planes have diverted to avoid magnetism. The theory is that there is power emanating from the hill, causing pilots to increase altitude when flying over here to avoid magnetic interference.

The car automatically goes uphill without any physical commentary

However, researchers explain that because the terrain here is 4,200 m above sea level, air turbulence and unusual weather phenomena often occur. This is the reason why pilots want to "stay away" from this place.

The strange phenomenon on the "magnet hill" attracts tourists from all overworld about experience and testimonials. Since then, many hypotheses with scientific explanations have emerged to explain the anti-gravity phenomenon, in order to prevent many superstitious stories that were rumored before.

Magnetic Force Theory

Next is a plausible theory, which is also the most popular. It says that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that will pull vehicles within its range. The strange incident that occurred on the Leh-Kargil highway has been experienced and witnessed by travelers around the world.

In fact, the infamous hill has caused Indian Air Force planes to divert their flight paths in the past to avoid magnetic interference above them.

Theory of optical illusions

Another widely accepted theory says that the hill is not the source of the magnetic force, instead it is just an optical illusion that makes the descent of the road leading to Magnetic Hill Ladakh, India look like a high mountain.

So when you see the car going uphill, it's actually going downhill.

Whatever the reason, magnetic hill is still a popular tourist destination in India. Many tourists have recorded their experiences with excitement, and shared the ideal time to visit this place from July to September every year.

Other similar phenomena

There are those who believe that the Magnetic Hills feature Gravity Hills that can be seen all over the world. Some popular examples of Gravity Hills are Tulsishyam in Gujarat, Electric Brae and Gansu in Scotland and China respectively.

Whatever the reason, magnetic hill is still a popular tourist destination in India. Many tourists have recorded their experiences with excitement, and shared the ideal time to visit this place from July to September every year.

Best time to visit Magnetic Hill

Are you wondering which is the best month to start your enchanting journey to this mystical hill?

The best time to visit Ladakh Magnetic Hills is from July to September. The roads are clear at this time of the year and the weather is suitable to explore Ladakh and its beauty.

As the hill descends into barren land, 30 km from Leh, don't expect to eat at the eateries & hotels in the area. If you are so lucky, you may come across a few homestays that sell food. Therefore, keep enough snacks in your car before you reach Magnetic Hill in Ladakh.


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