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Terrible parasites reappear in the United States! A large number of killifish turned into "puppets", they were manipulated

A large number of killifish turned into "puppets", they were manipulated

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

In nature, in addition to the organisms visible to the naked eye, there are many things that are difficult to identify or are often overlooked by us, such as generally invisible microorganisms and parasites that live in organisms.

According to reports, some time ago, researchers found that in the waters of southern California, many killifish turned into "twitch puppets", which made them very easy to be killed by water birds. In order to find out the reason, the researchers carried out The investigation found that there were invisible creatures in the brains of these killifish.

What are parasites?

Parasite is a general term. All pathogenic lower eukaryotic organisms belong to the category of parasites. obtained from the host.

In nature, parasites are everywhere, including human beings, and there are also parasites. For example, a few decades ago, people's lifestyle and personal hygiene were relatively poor compared to today. Therefore, many people had "lice" on their bodies at that time, which has plagued the entire evolutionary history of human beings. Small things are a type of parasite.

Interestingly, according to fossil research, scientists have also discovered another very interesting fact: as early as the age of dinosaurs, lice already existed, and they once parasitized on dinosaurs on a large scale, which may be the reason why many dinosaurs "tempered". "One of the reasons it's not good.

So, this time, when the scientists found that the killifish living in southern California were not in the right state at the beginning, they passed the inspection and discovered the fact that they were infected with parasites.

According to the data, this parasitic parasite in the killifish is a flat parasite. Its scientific name is California true stinging ant. This is a parasite that can infect many organisms. The reason why they parasitize the killifish On the body, it is not that I hope that my life can be lived on the body of the killifish, but that the goal transfer can be achieved through the killifish.

The researchers say that the ultimate goal of California stinging ants is to enter the intestines of birds that prey on killifish through the killifish, and finally end their parasitic journey in the intestines of birds.

Of course, although the whole process looks simple, it is actually very difficult. After all, killifish live in water, and if parasites want to achieve host transfer, they need to make killifish more likely to be preyed on by birds.

Therefore, in order to achieve its purpose, the California stinging ant will invade the brain of the killifish little by little after entering the body of the killifish, and when it reaches the brain of the killifish, it will cause the brain of the killifish to be infected. Come, the killifish will be unable to move on their own, and will be controlled by the California true stinging ant.

As a result, all the killifish infected by the California stinging ant will become "puppets" and surface one after another, actively feeding the birds, so that when the birds prey on these killifish that surfaced Later, the California stinging ant also successfully completed the transfer of the host.

Parasites may endanger humans in the future

The researchers said that in the past, humans have always focused on microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, and may have always ignored the harm of parasites to humans.

Moreover, with the problems of the earth's ecological environment, it also means that there may be more cases of similar parasites infecting the host and thus controlling the host. If humans do not pay attention to it, if one day in the future, there is a kind of real The parasites of stinging ants invade the human brain on a large scale, and the possible final outcome is that humans, like killifish, will become "walking dead" to be manipulated by parasites.

This is not alarmist. The researchers said that there are nearly 300 species of parasites that are known to infect humans, and many people actually have parasites in their bodies, but they don't know it, which means that in fact Many people are carriers of parasites, but in humans, there has not been a parasite crisis.

Of course, the fact that there is no serious crisis at this stage does not mean that there will be no future, including researchers who also said that all animals on earth can be infected with parasites, which also means that this kind of microscopic creature that is difficult to find will eventually May lead to the whole world is not spared.

What is even more frightening is that human beings currently have very little understanding of parasites, and it can even be said that the concepts are very vague, just like human beings understand viruses, bacteria, etc. This also leads to a crisis in the human world. Once you figure out what it is, you can't deal with it right away.

It’s as if we didn’t know what it was at the beginning after we encountered the epidemic last year, including now in the process of tracing back, but also failed to find the original source and find out the truth. I have to say that the human world is really in crisis. Do you think there will be large-scale parasite invasions in the future?


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