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Strange information about the universe and space

Planet rain of diamonds, and other strange information

By ghadermPublished 5 months ago 7 min read

Not a day goes by while we are on this earth, without seeing strange discoveries and discovering how little our information is, especially our information about the universe.

Some people are proud of the tremendous progress we have made, but unfortunately, this information that we have is exactly like the information that a child who was born a few hours ago, which is of course zero.

Today we will travel again to space, and I will give you some strange information and exciting hypotheses about space and the universe in general.

• One of the strange information, especially in our Milky Way galaxy and in our solar system, there is a planet named Mercury.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and we can tell you that Mercury is a giant grill because its temperature during the day reaches 400 degrees Celsius, which means that it is a blazing fire.

But the strange and confusing thing is that Mercury itself, this planet that is a grill during the day, is a refrigerator at night as its temperature reaches -180 degrees below zero, and the strange thing is that all this happens in a planet that is closest to the sun.

Scientists say that the reason for the drop in the temperature of Mercury at night to -180 is probably because Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere.

Several years ago, scientists still had the idea that there might be life on a planet, whether in our galaxy or another galaxy, and they tried a lot to search in the sky and excavate, perhaps a planet would appear in telescopes with life.

However, most of their studies now came out either with planets like grills or with planets like refrigerators, and thus aren't suitable for any form of life.

But you know the endless curiosity of man, man doesn't stand in his way anything in his quest to explore and try to know the unknown, this place in which we live, this universe, are their other creatures or are we the only ones, no one knows anything yet.

Have you ever asked yourself and imagined and said, what would happen if the moon disappeared?

This assumption is difficult to happen because the moon won't disappear like this except with an explosion that destroys it, and it may destroy us with it, but for the sake of argument, let us imagine that the moon suddenly disappeared, what might happen?

When the moon disappears, the tidal waves in the seas and oceans will disappear with it, or at least they will weaken to a large extent, and the sun will become the one that controls the tides, but the night will become dark, and you won't be able to see even your hands in it, and sometimes even if it was midnight and it was The moon is full. You fully feel the presence of a large light through which you can see what is around you.

Also, if the moon disappears, the number of hours in a day will shift from 24 hours to 6 or 7 hours, and this will eventually lead to the year becoming 1100-1300 days instead of 366 days.

• Did you know that rain isn't only present on Earth but is actually present on other planets, it exists differently, and in a very strange way, and perhaps it will surprise you.

For example, here we are on Earth, rain is made up of water, and by the way, the Earth is the only planet in which there is water in its liquid state. There is water on other planets, but in a frozen state, for example, if we go to other planets such as Venus, we will find strange rain there because its rain is composed of sulfuric acid, imagine waking up in the morning and finding rain of sulfuric acid falling on you!!.

And if we travel to the planet Neptune, we will find the strangest, the planet Neptune has rain consisting of diamonds, and it isn't the only one but also the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the rain in them is composed of diamonds, for example in Saturn every year about 1000 tons of diamonds fall as rain, and this is according to chemical studies of these planets.

• You see, have you ever heard of neutron planets, one of the things that will show you is that what is happening in space is things beyond logic, the neutron star, in the beginning, is a medium-sized star, so it is larger than the sun, but not huge to that terrible level, it is approximately about 3 fold the sun.

This star is a star like any other star that has a stage of birth, a stage of youth, an old age stage, and a stage of death. In the last stage of the life of the star, it begins to catch its last breath and begins to lose all its fuel, that fuel that it was burning for millions of years to keep burning.

When it reaches the stage of death, it collapses on itself because of the terrible gravity that it has, then a big explosion called a "Supernova" occurs, and this giant star shrinks into a small and dwarf star, in some cases, it diameter doesn't exceed 30 kilometers.

When the star explodes, it is surrounded by smoke or a very dense nebula cloud. Then the protons and electrons fuse, and all the materials of that star are transformed into neutrons.

Well here is the strange and surprising thing, it is the intensity of the terrible gravity that is in the neutron star, which reaches 2 billion greater than the Earth's gravity, to the point that the light coming from other stars when it reaches the neutron star bends, and what is even stranger than that is that the density of the neutron star itself is dense beyond imagination.

To bring it closer to you, we will represent it by taking one cup of the material of this neutron star, so if we fill this cup with the material of the neutron star, how much do you imagine the weight of this cup?

The weight of this cup will be the equivalent of a billion tons. Indeed, when you listen to this amount of information, it will be stupid from now on to say that the universe is a coincidence.

But the strangest thing is that the black hole has a greater density than that, and I will leave it to you to imagine.

• In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there are about a hundred billion stars and maybe more than that, this is only according to modest human estimates, the number of stars is terrible, and many scientists have done studies and research to come up with an approximate number of stars in the universe and came out with the possibility that there are ten trillion galaxies in the universe.

And if we multiply this number, that is, 10 trillion, by the number of possible stars in the Milky Way alone, that is, 100 billion stars, a number will appear to us that will cause us nightmares. In the universe there will be about 100 octillions, really if you don't get dizzy then you don't understand anything I'm saying.

But let me give you the strangest thing, which is that this person who has a meter and 70 centimeters and has a brain that weighs about 300-400 grams, this brain that is here, which is just a small muscle and a piece of meat, was able to accommodate all of this universe here, actually, he was able to collect all of that in Such a small place.

My friend, there is no coincidence or randomness in existence, there is order and there is a plan that moves forward.

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