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Spring Cleaning for the Unmotivated

The guide for all of us WITHOUT superhuman cleaning skills

By Andraya Garcia Published 3 years ago 3 min read
Break out those cleaning tools!

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task at best. Months of winter build up and staying inside can make the task feel all but impossible. However, I've come to see it can be easy if you have the right hacks and tools. I'm here to share what I do when spring cleaning rolls around, and how to offset the exhaustion that can come with trying to tidy months of disarray.

The first and most important step to take to avoid spring cleaning burnout is to be kind to yourself. Don't push yourself to finish a task all at once if it's a large or labor intensive task. Chunking things down into smaller or more manageable tasks can make a world of difference when it comes to getting a job done. Also, avoiding tiring yourself out with one project leaves more energy for the other things you need to get done.

When I first start cleaning, the first thing I always do is to take inventory of everything I have in the area I'm cleaning. Whether it be a garage, yard or attic, getting an idea of what you have will help you realize what you need. If you see immediately see anything that you know doesn't belong, or something you know for sure you need to get rid of, make sure to do that first. This is will prevent clutter as you're trying to organize the things you actually do want to keep. And don't forget to donate anything that can be of use to someone else, so we can help out both our friends and the enviroment!

The next step is to group items with other, similar items. Kids toys all go in one place, as well as animal toys/bedding, tools, clothes, and electronics. Having a dedicated box or area for miscellaneous items that you can't exactly categorize right now is also helpful in not getting caught up or stuck on one item for too long.

Sentimental items can be a tough one. On one hand, you want to hold onto these items forever, on the other hand, they take up much needed space that could be used for other essentials. The best way to go about this is to take any sentimental items that you want out of the way, and purchase water and air proof containers/bags for these items. Then you can safely store them out of sight and not have to worry about them getting damaged or lost in the process.

By HiveBoxx on Unsplash

When it comes to decided what to use to actually clean floors, mirrors, and other hard objects, personal taste can go a long way in helping you be motivated. Choosing a cleaner with a scent you love is an easy way to surround yourself with good smells and a positive mindset about cleaning.

Always remember to try not to feel pressured or stressed about this process. There is no time limit, no deadline, no cleaning committee who are going to judge you. Spring cleaning your house is for you and your family to enjoy a fresh, clean living space along with the warm spring weather. If you have anyone willing to help, cleaning easily becomes a fun bonding experience instead of a dreaded chore. Include anyone who is willing to help you can have a fun time and finish faster than you normally would!

Whatever you do, floors should be last on your list. Sometimes, things get messier in the process of getting clean, and that's okay! Just save the sweeping and mopping until you're about done, so you don't wear yourself out cleaning up every little mess that pops up while you're cleaning the whole house. Also, make sure any pets are secure in a seperate room or area so they don't add more mess to a work in progress. All animal bedding/ cages should be thoroughly cleaned out at the same time, so you all start the year on a fresh note.

Remember, it is possible! And the more you avoid it, the more strenuous it will be to finally get it done. Spring cleaning can be stressful, but done right, it should give you a new appreciation for your space and belongings and a reason to get rid of all those random items you've been meaning to get rid of. I know I feel so much better once my house is finally feeling fresh, and I hope you will too. I wish all spring cleaners good luck, and happy cleaning!


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