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by Mubassira Mahatab 2 months ago in Humanity
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Social media brings as many problems as benefits. How far do we think this is true?

Apps which can be useful and at the same time dangerous

Social media is a recent and sometime controversial innovation. It has made our life much more easier. But there are also some pros and cons of it as well. So it must be used wisely and with great caution.

Social media enables people by means of the internet, to get in touch with friends, family and other people easily, without having to worry about interrupting them in the way that telephone calls might. One of the most obvious results of our exciting technological age has been the invention of mobile phones. Many people - even children as young as seven or eight - have one. With this device, we can comfortably contact with anyone from one country to another and can also get the latest details about any sort of news or information.

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. When schools became closed because of the virus and none of us were allowed to go out from our houses, we could do our school work via "discord". In that way, we were still in touch with our studies. Besides this, social media can also be used for business works as well. For example, in certain businesses and professions, employees rely on social media to keep themselves up to date with the latest developments in their field.

People with no jobs or wanting for new or better ones do not have to wait for advertisements to appear on newspaper. They can simply browse on different websites to get one. It can also be used for buying stuffs as well. Such websites include: Daraz, Amazon etc. Social networking sites can also save some people's lives as well. If someone is in dire need for help, he or she can explain their problem through the internet and in the next to no time people will come running to help them. For example; one time my grandfather needed AB negative blood group and unfortunately his blood group didn't match with any of our family members. Turned out that we needed a blood donor. My mother wrote this problem on Facebook and in the next hour a blood donor was standing right in front of us. Totally a miracle right? Apart from this, many people can also express their talents through social media.

Until now, we have been seeing its positive aspects but besides its bright side it can also have a negative side as well which can turn it into something dangerous or maybe something beyond our imaginations. The first and foremost thing is that, becoming too much addicted to it will hamper our daily lives and will also prevent us from doing other extra curricular activities.

Social networking sites

However, more importantly, social networking sites have many critics who say that relationships formed through them, unlike face-to-face friendships, are too impersonal to be described as real friendships. They argue that it is all very well to have a hundred cyber friends, but such a number of contacts devalues true friendship, which implies a certain exclusivity. Certainly, to describe a hundred people as our ‘best’ friends is absolute nonsense.

These days the most common thing that is happening in social media is hacking. It is such a terrible thing which can not only destroy a person's life but can also kill them. Besides, in the business and professional sphere, there is often pressure for instant responses from social networking sites, so that taking even a short holiday becomes unthinkable. Social networking sites can also cause isolation. For example: a girl studying in high school has a high usage of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram which increased her feelings of loneliness, and apart from this she also became too much addicted to it which made her to make less contacts with her friends. Nowadays, political polarization is also becoming a huge negative aspect of social media.

Social media is a marvelous and fascination phenomenon. But is it a blessing or a curse? Perhaps there is no clear no answer to this and as with many issues moderation is essential.

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Mubassira Mahatab

Hello everyone I am Mahita a student and I love to see the world through my imaginations.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    This was very well written

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