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RIP Kristie Alley: For Richer or Poorer

Rest Well Caroline Sexton and Saavik

By Emily Marie ConcannonPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read
RIP Kristie Alley: For Richer or Poorer
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Kristie Alley: Rest in Peace for Richer or Poorer

Kristie Alley was one of the first Hollywood actresses I loved. I remember seeing her starring alongside a 90s favorite, Tim Allen, in "For Richer or Poorer." The two had amazing chemistry together and I thought they were really married when I was little.

When I'd see Tim Allen in "The Santa Claus," I thought he was cheating on her.

I was shockingly impacted by her passing. Sometimes I feel like a lot of icons of my childhood are slowly slipping away. From Carrie Fisher to Aaron Carter, it just feels like a constant reminder that time keeps slipping away, and you can't stop it.

This is a little tribute to her life and what she's meant to me.

Who is Kristie Alley?

Kristie Alley is an American actress born in 1951 to Robert and Lilian Alley. She was raised in a middle-class hardworking Midwestern family.

A native of Kansas, she didn’t always plan to be an actress. She dropped out of college to pursue her unique interests in Scientology and interior design. While pursuing her dreams in LA she participated on several game shows before finally debuting as an actress in 1982.

Her first appearance was as Saavik, a half-human half-Romulan lieutenant in Starfleet's enemy fleet, the Romulan Empire. I saw this movie just a few years ago and really liked how she looked in this film. Although it was hard to get Caroline Sexton (the main female lead in For Richer or Poorer) out of my head while watching it!

But seeing her so young, vibrant, and bright was awesome.

Why Was Caroline Sexton So Awesome?

I first saw For Richer or Poorer when I was pretty young. My parents fast-forwarded over the more sexual parts, but I was always able to get the gist of the film.

Her appearance in this film was awesome for three reasons (IMHO!):

  • Her attitude
  • Her relationship with Levina Yoder
  • Her chemistry with Tim Allen

Both Tim Allen and Kristie Alley fully encapsulate the attitudes of the 1990s. They were sassy, smart, and challenging. The film does a great job of showing the effort we all need to put into our relationships to make them work.

They both went from being materialistic and flaky to being down to Earth and honest with one another. They go through hardship together but come to really appreciate the Amish lifestyle. It’s simple, wholesome, and united.

They’re both stunned by how respectful and genuine the Amish are to one another. When I was a little girl, I used to tell everyone that when I grew up, I wanted to be Amish. It was a fundamental part of my life and profoundly impacted me.

It was the reason I went to volunteer on a farm in West Virginia in my early twenties. When Kristie Alley’s character, Caroline, hosts a fashion show for the Amish girls, I liked how happy everyone looked!

She wanted to help the girls feel beautiful without disrespecting their beliefs. I felt they did a great job in this scene!

At the film's end, Tim Allen’s character Brad is about to be arrested by the IRS. Caroline stands up with him and takes the fall alongside him. But everything ends up working in the end since they were actually blacklisted by their friend.

They renew their vows and decided to buy land in Pennsylvania. The Amish really impacted who they became by the end of the film!

Rest In Peace

I think 2020 was a hard time for everyone. Kristie Alley dedicated her life to making people smile and laugh, which was something that helped me through that hard time!

One of her co-stars, John Travolta, wrote on Instagram that Kristie was one of the most special relationships he ever had. He closes his statement with a sweet, “I love you, Kristie. I know we will see each other again.”

Tim Allen acknowledged her generous soul, too, saying, “A sweet soul pass on in Kristie Alley. Sad, sad news. Prayers for all her family.”

I’d like to think she’s out in Heaven, plowing a field and scrubbing the kitchen floors. This might not sound like heaven for everyone, but that’s my idea of heaven, and I’d like to think she’s there right now.

RIP, Beautiful woman!

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