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Putin Admits Peace Talks May Be Necessary.

James Cleverly Says Russia Not Serious.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Putin Admits Peace Talks May Be Necessary.
Photo by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash

The invasion of Ukraine began in February this year. At first, 'Vlad The Invader' thought Ukraine would fall like a line of dominos. Ala, when the US invaded Iraq and US forces took Baghdad. Russia made considerable progress and a line of armoured vehicles was heading for Kyiv.

Russia was not counting on the ferocity of Ukrainian resistance. Also, the training and weapons supplied by NATO members. Russia fell back under the weight of Ukranian counter-attacks using state-of-the-art Western weaponry. Russia in the Ukrainian territory it captured committed atrocities and other horrors. Ukrainian cities and towns suffered missile and drone attacks.

Russia had much of its equipment destroyed in the theatre of war. Many of its soldiers from a largely conscripted army have been wiped out. It's not just ordinary soldiers though that have died its top brass have too.

Russia has been shown to be a paper tiger at least conventionally. The heroism and bravery of the Ukrainian people have to be applauded. Their armed forces have fought like true warriors for their country. Zelensky has been stoic and compared to British leader Winston Churchill.

Putin has hinted he is prepared to use nuclear weapons. That's the one option and ace Russia holds over its Ukrainian foe. Whether Putin is bluffing or would be willing to use such a weapon cannot be known.

As Ukraine went on the offensive in the east and recaptured Kherson Russia attacked with missiles and drones. Pouring down this weaponry on the Ukrainian energy grid to make life uncomfortable for civilians. Russia is unable to make headway conventionally on the battlefield so has resorted to Hitler's tactics. That is reigning down missiles and drones on civilian targets. Iran has been supplying Russia with suicide drones as Russia's stockpiles of missiles and drones run dry.

Putin is surely aware that the war is not going the way he planned. Peace talks had been muted in the past but now it could be a reality. However, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has questioned Vlad's sincerity in any peace talks. Mr. Cleverly has questioned Mr. Putin's declaration he would be interested in peace talks and a deal with Ukraine.

Saying Mr. Putin would use such talks and the peace they may bring as a "fig leaf". For Putin to recruit more soldiers and rebuild its stockpile of weapons. Mr. Cleverly went on that any peace talks would have to be genuine. However, James Cleverly doubted such talks would take place in the current climate.

What would be the demands of the Russians and Ukrainians in peace talks? Well, Mr. Zelensky wants all of his country liberated before such talks could begin. In the successful counter-attacks in the east by Ukraine that is obviously what Mr. Zelensky has been aiming for. A total expulsion of Russian forces from Ukrainian land before Mr. Zelensky would be happy to talk to Putin.

Mr. Putin wants all Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine to be regarded as permanently Russian. Like Zelensky, this is Putin's prerequisite for any peace talks.

So with both Russia and Ukraine making demands before talks begin that may not help. Russia and Ukraine must be prepared to compromise in order to achieve peace. Ukraine may have to give up some of its territories already in Russian hands to achieve peace. Russia may also have to compromise in being satisfied with the land captured from Ukraine.

The point is peace talks will not happen or get anywhere with the above prerequisite demands. Both Russia and Ukraine should attempt peace talks with ideas but no demands. Demands by either side just antagonise an already charged atmosphere.



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