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"Prophecy King Galtung: 2 of 3 amazing prophecies have been fulfilled, will the beautiful country collapse?

Galtung, the "King of Prophecy"

By Orr HirshmanPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

"Prophecy" is a mysterious thing, many of the world's so-called magical prophecies are just "hindsight". There are also some language words or pictures that are ambiguous, the meaning is not clear, as long as the power of interpretation is in the hands of the prophet, then no matter what he said "is right". There are also many "prophecy masters" who are just blind cats who happen to meet dead rats.

But if you ask whether there are any prophets in the world, the answer is definitely yes. There are always too many people in the world who have seen more than the general public, and more knowledgeable, rich experience always makes them more prescient than ordinary people, and for the development of something to make an accurate prediction. So rather than "prophecy" such a fabulous word, it is better to say that they will be a more accurate "prediction".

The Norwegian John Galtung is the "King of Prophecy" who is known worldwide for his accurate predictions. Unlike other ordinary "prophets", John is neither a Western anti-intellectual theologian nor a notorious Eastern half-immortal. He was a real social scientist, a real social practitioner.

The reason why Galtung made the prophecy was not to attract attention or to create a gimmick, but to some ideas that came out of his research work and recorded them. Just like most social scientists and economists, these experts often make predictions about the trend of economic and social development in a certain region, and so did Galtung.

But while other people predict small things that will happen in a short period, Galtung is "good" at predicting big things on a world scale. Back in 1980, the 50-year-old Galtung published a paper with two predictions: the first was that the Berlin Wall would fall within 10 years, and the second was that the Soviet Union would quickly disintegrate after the Berlin Wall fell.

But in 1980, when the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was at its height, the two sides were at odds, and it was uncertain when the rivalry between the two countries would stop, let alone the fall of the Berlin Wall or the collapse of the Soviet Union. So Galtung's article sat on the bench, but nine years later, at the age of 59, Galtung had the highlight of his life - the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989.

At this point, however, no one thought that the Soviet Union would collapse until the news came in 1991 that Galtung's life had peaked again, and once again he was right in his prediction. Galtung was made a "man of God" in an instant, but he was worthy of the title, and Galtung had his subjective reasoning for making this prediction.

Born in 1930, Galtung has a Ph.D. in sociology and has been working on peace studies since 1951. He has traveled the world to promote international peace movements and has personally mediated more than 100 international conflicts, for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Galtung also pioneered a new discipline, peace studies, for which he is known as the "father of peace studies. His "prophecies" were based on his lifelong commitment to peace science. Galtung believed that when things go to extremes, they are bound to collapse.

Thus, Galtung believed that the U.S.-Soviet rivalry had developed into an extraordinarily intense high-end pattern and that the Soviet Union, which was at a disadvantage, would meet an unfortunate end. Galtung's prophetic approach was like a magician's trick. Once his ideas were explained clearly, the "prophecy" lost its mystery, but it was no longer difficult to understand his book "The Collapse of the American Empire".

In this book, Galtung firmly believes that the "American Empire" will collapse, but of course, the focus of the "American Empire" here is on the empire, not the "beautiful country" itself. The fact that Galtung would write this book does not exclude that he was motivated by his selfish desire to promote pacifism, but "the cat that catches the mouse is the good cat".

Galtung believes that the hegemony of the "Pretty State" will eventually lead to a fire, as the "Pretty State" has taken hundreds of military actions before the 9/11 attacks in 2001. So Galtung also pointed out that the "Pretty State" will be retaliated, and made a prediction that "the U.S. empire will collapse in 2025".

However, Galtung later changed the timing of this prediction to "the collapse of the American empire in 2020". The reason for the five-year shortening was also based on what Galtung saw and heard in the United States after 2001. So, the situation in 2020 is obvious to everyone, and now the Pretty State is still desperately trying to hold up the facade, but its former "little brothers" have also been anxious. The "Pretty Country" will eventually become a joke and let Galtung's prophecy come true again, I believe we are all looking forward to it.


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