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Monaco is full of rich people, why are they so rich? The reason you may not expect

Monaco is full of rich people

By Carlo PhilPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Monaco is located in the southwest of Europe, surrounded by France on three sides, the other side of the sea, the territory of the world's second-last, than the "country of the Vatican" only a little larger, do not look at this country is small, but the people here are not poor at all, in 2.08 square kilometers of land, there are close to 40,000 people, of which there are 30% of the residents are billionaires, the rest are millions and millions of levels of wealth, everywhere Ferrari, McLaren, driving BMW people here are not ranked.

What brand-name bags, private jets, and yachts, only you can not think of, no Monaco can not get, in addition, Monaco's per capita GDP is far ahead of the world, since 1970 has been ranked first in the world, in 2020, Monaco's per capita GDP is reached 190,500,000 U.S. dollars, while France only 38,600,000 U.S. dollars, this gap is not ordinary big, then Monaco In the end how to do so rich it?

Luxury cars, luxury houses, big brand high definition, jewelry, buying luxury goods is as common as buying groceries, who can not love such a country? So how did Monaco become one of the rich people? This is to start from the history of Monaco, the country was first established by the Phoenicians castle, the Middle Ages later by the Grimaldi family rule, until 1338 became an independent principality, is one of the few heritage of Europe's ancient principality, but the country's area is very small, has been France and other countries eyeing, but also has become the protectorate of Spain and France.

It was not until 1861 that France recognized Monaco's independence and gave up 90% of its territory as a premise, although Monaco's territory is small, what do you want nothing, but it is because of this, Monaco decided to develop the gaming industry, it can be said that the country's efforts, not to mention, really attracted the world's rich and landless tycoons, such industries have brought Monaco huge income, so the real estate, banking and tourism industries, and so on. This industry has brought Monaco huge income, so real estate, banking, and tourism industries, also have the financial support, in this way, Monaco in a short period of rapid development, and per capita GDP is also getting higher and higher, said here may be asked, the world's service industry-based countries abound, but not everyone like Monaco everyone is rich, this is how it is?

I once saw a paragraph on the Internet, that said that in the Middle East region of the United Arab Emirates Dubai, casually picking up garbage or food, can earn more than ten thousand a month, so many people clamoring to go to Dubai to beg, if the world's richest Middle Eastern people are in Dubai, then the richest people in Europe may be gathered in Monaco, annual income of a million still do not have to pay taxes, you dare to believe this statement out? Another reason why Monaco has been able to develop rapidly is the low taxation.

It is understood that Monaco is not taxed for its residents, which may be for the monthly salary of fewer than 2500 people is very senseless, but for the rich businessmen, such a policy is simply a "tax haven", so Monaco has attracted rich people from all over the world to invest, bringing vitality to the economy, and it is by such a Don't look at the small area of Monaco, but there are 41 banks here, which is a very important financial center in Europe.

As a famous tourist destination, the income brought by tourism is also very considerable, especially in the life of the Monegasque royal family, which is luxurious to the extreme, just taking out a few pieces of jewelry, is enough to open a jewelry exhibition, see here many friends have said, it is poverty limits my imagination, if you have the opportunity to travel abroad, you will want to go to Monaco to see? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section to discuss, we will see you next time!


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